Monday, September 17, 2012



Milk Studios West 15th Street/NYC
September 12th, 2012

words/still images Judith Ecochard

Once past the serious security on the second floor of Milk Studios...already somewhat in frantic mode- a good hour and a half before the show... we were able to appreciate the relative calm of the spacious and well lit by natural sunlight- studio space that comprises the backstage area of this hub for cutting edge designers---during Spring 2013 collections of NYFW.

Specifically, we came downtown to check out the custom nails by Pattie Yankee and her Dashing Diva team... the fab nail appliqués attached over the hand filed almond/oval -press on metallic nails"I'm Golden" (yup, took many hours--- to get that consistent shape just right!).

the nails are gorgeous---as is this model in a Greta Garbo-esque pose

Pattie Yankee and the Dashing Diva Nail Team PLUS friendly male model

Nail Appliqués-other styles are part of the DesignFX=Dashing Diva Professional
We always prefer the almond shaped nails as it elongates the fingers and is more elegant than the square shaped. Seemed to be the shape that dominated the nails we saw this season (meaning next season...)

tiny pop of gold metallic in the inner corner of the eye- looks great with those nails

toes got the gold treatment too

The nails synched up perfectly with the "Arabian Chic" theme of the make-up for the Jeremy Scott Spring 2013 show...

key make-up artist Kabuki for MAC acclaimed English born make-up artist is quoted in the press release:

"I was inspired by the late 1970's and early 1980's make-up, where shadows are layered on top of the other, giving the effects that colors are going in and out of focus, like a mirage in the desert."

backstage staples -including Telesis Make-up Remover-a non-greasy, moisturizing cleanser/cream available at one of our fav stores, ALCONE

"The big smokey eyes are the focal point. Start at the outer edges with brown pencil blended and set. Then move to the center using charcoal powders and pencils with deepest black at the lash line. A pop of metallic midnight blue shadow in the center lid and a tiny pop of gold at the inner ocrner for a touch of richness. A rosy shadow with a golden highlight is layered over the brow.

The skin is contoured with foundation and powders for a sculpted, glowing look. Deep shades of blush warm the cheeks and sweep over the temples., integrating the eye make-up into the complexion. The lips are subdued compared to the eyes. They are defined with nude pencil and filled in with a sheer, slightly metallic lipstick that corresponds to each model's skin tone. Sultry, exotic beauty...the kind you see in a Rhianna video."

MAC products used include:
Powerpoint Eyeliner "Bountiful Brown" "Stubborn Brown" -Sculpting Powder- Eye Shadow "Espresso" "Expensive Pint" -Eye Kohl Smolder Eye Liner-Typographic Eye Shadow - Sheertone Blush "Gingerly "Goldemine" -Gel Lipstick

 Love this attached long braid...polished---and two tone=fun


Walgreens tricked out the backstage café---with healthy foods and drinks...really nice!!!! The official food sponsor of Milk Studios and MADE at the nearby Standard Hotel...