Thursday, September 27, 2012


Johnny Cash/Elvis Rockabilly cool....

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week...Lincoln Center

words and backstage images by Judith Ecochard

Clover Canyon-new to us---is an Los Angeles based fashion line from designer Rozae Nichols.
35 bottles of Press-On Nails by imPRESS. 

Gina Edwards-lead manicurist for imPRESS
For the runway---the models channeled the California cool of an early Elvis/Johnny Cash...and as two hairstyle guys thought---the fins of Cadillacs for the pompadour waves of the hair.

Nailwise-imPRESS nails were rather demure pretty---"HIGH HOPES"= a soft pale pink, pressed on and filed/clipped into a round shape when on the nails.
six members of imPRESS nails...double tasked with hair/make-up people

easy to shape....

a complete kick

  1. Linh Nguyen for Redken/Cutler did the retro hair---very fun----with hair swept up into a back ponytail...with a wave in the front that was shaped like a pompadour.

tools---including straightening iron and round bristle brush for the perfect lift

Make-up ---"Brooks Shield-y" remarked lead make-up artist, Deanna Melluso for Kevin Aucoin. We thought rather fresh with a desert tan---using K.A.'s The Sensual Skin Primer and Sensual Skin Enhancer...the strong brows courtesy of The Precision Eye Definer in Brunette.

This model needed no make-up whatsoever...we can barely tell the difference between her bare face (below)...then afterwards

Soft taupes and bronzers -The Celestial Bronzing Veil  on the cheeks...and for contour...with a matte lip-The Expert Lip Tint in Faith-with dab of Gossamer Loose Powder Radiant Diaphanous...for that been in the sun glow-that you get when riding the open rad in a convertible.

Backstage staples: Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre, Avene Thermal Water Spray, Lucas Papaw Ointment

of course-lashes curled before mascara in black