Saturday, September 15, 2012

BURTON "13" DEBUTS@Angel Orensanz Foundation LES/NYC

World Premiere for 13, the New Film AND Re-Opening Burton's NYC Flagship Store @ 106 Spring St. (SOHO)


words/images Judith Ecochard 

"13" on the 13th...a great night to give the two thumbs up for the cutting edge/action packed, latest Burton backed- snowboard cinematography...featuring riders Danny Davis, Mikkel Bang, John Jackson, Mark Sollors, Mikey Rencz, Jussi Oksanen, Terje Haakonsen, Jeremy Jones, Zak Hale, Ethan Deiss, Seppe Smits, Werni Stock, Roope Tonteri and more...

The lines of fans- went around the block for this free event, held at the LES renovated synagogue-now event space, Angel Orensanz Foundation...with entertainment galore ---a Burlesque flavored fashion show (a bit unlike a lot of the catwalks we witnessed these past few days of New York Fashion Week, LOL), the Flatbush Zombies, and the bigggggggg deal---(besides the movie, nat),  Hip Hop legend (WuTang Clan)/singer/songwriter/film auteur/entrepreneur RZA. WOW.  

Lucky us, we got there early inside the multi-storied space-and with can hear decibels of music keeping the beat-were able to chat up two Burton backed snowboarders town for meet/greets/ FUN.

First up was the congenially animated Ethan Deiss...a mid-Western "urban rider" a term we asked about. 

Basically-"...any snowboarder in any any kind of atmosphere outside of a park..." Deiss clued us in..." just need snow." Fair enough.

Taking advantage of the hard surfaced features of a city (rails, streets)...this young snowboarder "grew up as a jumper" and as might be expected, can trash a board pretty easily.

Ethan Deiss

Additionally, Deiss gets the kids who grow up in cities, learning to snowboard, mastering the basic skills in this kind of terrain first-because "you just can't go in the back country right away if you are a new snowboarder..." (meaning, needing evolved snowboarding skills, special equipment and avalanche training).

Now, Deiss snowboards all kinds of terrain, including a big chunk of time off piste in Europe last season, on Burton tours.

Wisconsin bred, we wondered what city was numero uno for Deiss to snowboard---that hasn't been done by him...and he surprised us with the answer:

"Kansas City...they get two inches of snow and it melts right away...but if they get two feet, I'm on a plane." 

Impressively, this 'urban' rider also enthused about his new house...outside of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. 

"Yeah, I'm finally out of my parents' house..." he gushed...and when we asked how old he was ("20")...we thought WOW---- helicopter parents across this country should take notes on what not to do and they did...and what they should to do to get their 25 year old, college graduated children-financially weaned. 

Our talk with Canadian Mark Sollors naturally began with us introducing ourselves as die-hard NY Ranger fans where upon impressively, the snowboarder-didn't end the interview right there and then (ha ha)....and he even expressed relief that at least his beloved Vancouver Canucks, got beat by the eventually winners (LA KINGS). 

PLUS...."I kinda like the Rangers...their rough edgy play..." :D

But back to the other boards...

"It was a long road to Burton...I was just another kid with a hobby when -at-16- a local Burton rep saw what I was doing and started giving me stuff..." (meaning local sponsorship).

"Then Dave gave me a call to give me a chance,"  he added...with the skills apparent... snap, crackle, pop---major Burton sponsorship. 

"I was just a shy kid into snowboarding" Sollors could dazzle Hollywood types if he wanted to, IMHO.

With excellent snow in his hometown of Whistler, this rider was thrilled to be home for the Burton video shoots last season.

"The filming of it was great...I got to sleep in my own bed, see my friends..." AND with New Zealand snow less than fab this recent summer, the Burton shoots were in nearby- (relatively speaking)- Mt. Hood Oregon. Thus allowing for time to go camping with his friends---- and surfing.

SURFING!!!! Then we had then this entire discussion on why snowboarding so not like surfing ----" least not until you're standing up..." Hollers opined. 

Something we didn't think about that Sollors pointed out ---how on the mountain-the focus is different " just pick a spot...and go..." versus having to survey the water, the waves, anticipating the currents, paddling into them...more of a process. 

Surely surfers -new to snowboarding, would say the same thing, kind'of. Both are in the moment endeavors.

Which of course led to us to query his sign =on the cusp of Aries/Taurus---"...which ever fits at the moment.." the rider noted with a chuckle---very practical. 

And his snowboard idol?

"Devun Walsh!!!!" a fellow BCer and a legend---who started snowboarding back in 1989---and has been riding the slopes longer than many of today's pro riders' lifespans.

Evening Highlights...

FYI: THIRTEEN-is available on iTunes, DVD, and Blu-Ray starting September 17th 

THIRTEEN: The movie trailer: