Monday, August 27, 2012

Outdoor Retailer S/S 2013 Demo Day Highlights

Outdoor Retailer, DEMO DAY
Jordanelle State Park, UTAH

words/most images- Judith Ecochard

Blue skies, non-stop sunshine, and calm winds ruled the summer Outdoor Retailer Demo Day...that allows attendees to experience some of the gear, apparel, footwear and personal 'real-life' conditions.

BEER Garden, courtesy of Body Glove -opened at 10:30 AM


We have always heard how 'zen' fly-fishing is (repetitive motion=meditative) ...and the trout river nearby a NY state weekend getaway is full of wadder attired types come the day in April when the season we wandered over to Redington to experience Casting 101 with the brand's PR rep...aka Ms. Patience, KARA.

image courtesy of Reddington

Ha ha ha...we were awful---but loved every minute. There really is a skill involved here...and the type of reel used, knots and and flies' particulars---let alone spotting where the fishies are...all talents we lack.

But we could see how a day on the water---in a peaceful setting somewhere, casting about (and a lot of fly fishing is catch and release) soulfully captivating.

Redington is a leader in the fly fishing world...with many types of gear for all occasions...and a user friendly web site for newbies and experienced casters alike.

ADDED PLUS:  A clip in the WSJ, titled "REELING AN HEALING" about Project Healing Waters..."a unique program that brings disabled vets to some of the most magnificent fly-fishing spots in the country..." all expenses paid, fyi-for therapeutic purposes.

AND also the moniker of a non-profit...for women cancer patients and survivors (Reeling and


Body Glove is a multi-product company...with water related apparel, wetsuits...and now an energy gel, SURGE™ (in Double Espresso and Chocolate flavors-with 150mg caffeine)---and footwear---that we previewed.

Body Glove's 3T Barefoot™ $49.99-pictured men's 
Yup---looks like Vibram's Five Fingers---but notice, the last three toes are merged---HENCE 3T Barefoot SHOES...
makes sense, as it's kinda a pain to separate those toes when we put on our Injinji toe socks and we use those toes as it they were one.

ALSO---the protective outsole goes up to provide more bump protection....

Outsole made with IDS Integrated Drainage System cools the foot and provides air circulation...great for kayakers, stand-up paddle barding, sailing, windsurfing, jet skiing---etc. And imo-enough outsole protection to wear on land too.

women's 3T Barefoot Shoes $49.99

Body Glove---also had men's tee short-like rash guards...for those wanting a looser fit for on-the-water protection...i.e. bigger humans.

Pro Bar offered samples of its gluten-free FRUITION bars made with oats, chia seeds and fruit-in the yummy Blueberry ---with cashews.

Fashion, Fun, Function---Birki's displayed some summery styles featuring their foot conforming pu or cork multi-layered footbed with arch support, shaped te gripper, and a deep heel cup-married with stylish uppers-in sandals, slip-ons, and clogs. Ideal recovery shoes too.

Serious protection-the Wolverine C3 Boat Shoe for men...with patented Cross Channel Circulation™ (C3), patented EVA midsole, spacer mesh with water guard lining, anti-microbial treatment, an eco non-marking outsole, and full grain waterproof leather, and Vibram® rubber outsole. Very cool and not bad looking, either for a lace-up water moc.

Croakies ARC System™ ($10.99-$13.99) elevates sunglass retainer retention a fine art. The yellow foam cylinder buoys slip right on and float---sold separately. ($5.99)

BUG BANDS are a given for kids...we think their new"BED BUGS NO MORE" natural repellant (Geraniol formulation, non-toxic, water based solution) should be a given for everyone sleeping in a hotel bed. In a handy 3oz travel size, pictured...AND...16oz size too.

SKECHERS have lost the Kardashian effects and intro-ed serious minimalist running shoes GOrun RIDE...that weigh, like nothing. M-Strike™Technology, promote mid foot strike...can wear sock less with OrthoLite® anti-micorbial removable liner. Resalyte™cushioning for provides shock absorption without the weight.

PIGGYBACK RIDER®-two dads come up with solution for hauling around kids up to 60lbs-lightweoght carriers with a view at the tree like. IMO-they need to figure out how to fit pet dog's in the harness. The NOMIS BASIC $89.99 more models available too.

BIOLITE™ CAMPSTOVE $129-33oz... packs down...flames hot enough for grillin'
Portable power is an outdoor theme for those who have to always be plugged in, powered up...and also for remote or places that have no power---or lose it because of natural disasters.

Brooklyn based,  BIOLITE™ CAMPSTOVE (Energy Everywhere) converts heat from a fire, flamed on by twigs, pine cones, pellets -whatever-but not petro fuel---that gets super hot with a smart fan mechanism (patent pending thermoelectric technology)  ......has an included in the kit- USB chargeable attachment for LED lights, smartphones, GPS and other devices that charge up-accordingly.
orange piece has slot for usb cord-included

A home stove is available too.

Beef Jerky HEAVEN...Atkins diet lovers rejoice-lots of choices that got two thumbs up from those who know their  beef jerky...including Pepperoni Party Bites and Original Beef Jerky sticks. Gift packs available TOO!!!!

Impressive-Bridgford® was new to us---a rather large food company that makes shelf stable, ready to eat meal kits/items-with loads of choices for those on the go-or not...meaning preppers preparing for something...and of course, emergency preparers (really we all should to a degree), hikers, backpackers and the military. Shelf life of kits/products vary, depending. (9 months-3 years)...

Culinary light types-like us-who appreciate tasty food but don't want to do a whole lot in pursuit of would like these offerings too. The Ready-To-Eat sandwiches includes Apple or Cherry Turnover- and Cinnamon Bun (we tried...satisfying -just the right amount of sticky sweetness, chewy dough...and totally hit the spot after a triathlon we did had us craving carbs and not wanting the fat loaded mex-tex food- provided for athletes after crossing that finish line).

ALSO--- Bacon Cheddar, BBQ Meat, Bacon in Cheese Flavored Bread etc...

FYI-eat as is...or keep in pouch -submerse in boiling water or MRE/flameless heater-or microwave, toaster oven ...
AVAILABLE in a four pack-very handy!

BERGAN's OF NORWAY...had a tent at DEMO DAY---we focused on the backpacks---something we had no time to preview prior...and was impressed...
padded hip belts with zipped pocket

Exceptional details-and super lightweight-the Bergan's haulers boast a SPINE Natural Motion system-a biomechanically derived, helix-shaped spring steel frame that allows hips and shoulders to move naturally-aka in different directions at different angles...twisting freely. PLUS-added shock absorption, comfort and stability.

Glitterind 70L and 55L Backpack...hydration system compatible too.

compression straps and unique cinches-plenty of ways to attach gear

easy access-top entry-detachable lid, plus separate  lower entry compartment-zipped interior pockets-smart-to compartment separate
Durable nylon tough and comfy-weighing in at 2 lbs10 or 14 oz...

hips, shoulders, neck-swivel room-flexibility-courtesy of SPINE system

entertainment-Country Singer Billy Currington

MADE IN THE USA (or really assembled)---big theme

flex toe split--in the middle-other modes for the trail, neutral or control needs
BROOKS RUNNING SNEAKERS...had attendees very happy-trying out the PureGrit trail runners-with ultralight mesh top and just enough lug outsoles...
Bight colors-Brooks PureProject lightweight running shoes-minimalist...with slimmed down heel, split toe flex

COLUMBIA OMNI FREEZE® ZERO...a new line of tees-that when wet with sweat...actually cools the skin. Avaiable SPring 2013-or via a coupon code...given at events across the country NOW.