Saturday, August 25, 2012


Kara Ross-wearing her stunning ring...

Columbus Circle, NYC

words/images Judith Ecochard

A beautiful summer's eve set the stage for a colorful Resort collection by designer Kara Ross...

KARA ROSS-the fine jewelry and her main collection--- featured stunning baubles of precious metals and gemstones---in distinct architectural shapes --- geometric, pyramid, teardrop and mazes ...each a work of careful hand set artistry.

Section Cuff (right) $290-$345

NEW---for the more accessibly priced Kara by Kara Ross collection----COLOR!!!!

FUN FUN FUN-pile on colorful hexagonal cuff bracelets and earrings-made of python/lizard....
Fauve multi-collar collage drop earrings $120 and Middle Divide Cuff $225

Woven Bib Necklace is a statement piece-gold/python cording/turquoise $595

Double woven chain necklace-gold wrapped around python $425 (front)

AND---our fav-the new Fauve Collection----(pictured above, barrel bracelets $75-$115) made of torn, multi-color pages from fashion magazines...creating a kaleidoscopic collage on top of wood, under a heavy application of acrylic. We asked if any editorial prints are recognizable---and got an abosolute "NO."

Fauve Collar-center top-gold with multi-color collage and pink blaze lizard with amethyst-$395

All amazing---more from the Kara by Kara Ross Resort Collection----the Artemis Necklace-with skin (lizard or python) inserts and crystal accents $385

Shirt Cuff with Pave Crystal -small $345

Resin and gold link necklace with beads $450

Interlocking Oval Earrings-Resin/Crystal Accent $195

Resin....and Cabachon stones-cuffs, earrings, necklaces...

HANDBAGS/purses are Kara Ross' we want it all collection boasts unique treatments of carefully sourced matte/glazed/painted exotic skins ---resulting in dazzling patterns and textures ---finished with exceptional gold plated brass hardware- and gemstones-worthy of any piece of jewelry--- used for closure clasps, crossbody straps---trims.

Stunning and in a season of "IT" bags (really, what season-isn't?)---Kara Ross luxury handbags, clutches and portfolios are amazing versatile...true "investment" items...we'd wear with denim and a tee---as easily as a Red Carpet gown...year round. A keeper "IT" as it were...

One of a kind!!!!