Monday, August 13, 2012


NYC/Outdoor Retailer, SLC
words/images Judith Ecochard

Just in time for the IRONMAN in NYC---TYR Sport, Inc. - (with an assist to the Challenged Athletes Foundation) launched a new do-it-your-way custom goggle option for three of its most popular swim goggles styles-the Special Ops, Remix Switchkit and kids Swimple.
individual parts

TYR Goggles-some color options

Very fun, bold and bright colors are available (10 in all)---to mix and matchy up frames, frame locks, gaskets, strap, strap adjusters and lens optional laser etchings (additional charge)-up to 15-20 characters-depending on the goggle style-on the lens.

A user friendly consumer site makes the personalized combos a cinch to design---with realistic looking previews...VERY FUN!!!! About $14.99-$39.99 

Head-aquatic offerings including goggles, masks, and swim fins
 Speedo seeming has a lock on goggles worn by big name swimmers---so we were surprised to discover that HEAD ---a sports goliath---has an entire swim and snorkeling collection for 2012-13----some of which we saw at the most recent Outdoor Retailer.

With lens options (colors/mirrored for different swim environments and lighting), and a patented exclusive process tat bonds two different liquid silicones together for a secure fit and comfort---there were several styles on display---

We tried on the racer worthy STEALTH LSR---that comes with 4 different nose bridges for a perfect fit, and PC lenses with UVand anti-fog treatments. They were easy to adjust-and super comfortable...and def a pair we'd like to try in the water.

Other styles included Swedish style sockets-in the Ultimate LSR-(also with 4 different nose bridges) and swimming masks---with an advanced buckle system---and larger frame---good for waterskiers, surfers, kite boarders etc.

We wear a ROAD ID more than any item we own (review) and we noticed that many other triathletes do too. So we were curious about LIFESTRENGTH® myID that's a bracelet with a one of a kind QR Code link to an online health profile (also a telephone#)...that we were told first responders are trained to look for.

 We tried on the above samples and found them heavy--though the particular style (pictured above) isn't geared towards athletes. $40

Recovery shoes/sandals get a lot of serious attention amongst sporty types...and OOFOS™ slides, thongs and soon---clogs (Nov 2012 eta) a lot of eyeballs over at the New Pavilion.

Here's why...the slip-ons are made from a new closed-foam compound that's proprietary...that absorbs 37% more of a body's impact than other traditional it is supposedly ore durable too.

One has to wear them around a bit---as the unique foam conforms to one's foot-so good for all arch types...and added pluses---non-marking, super light weight, in bright colors (and soon navy/plum) and affordable at $39.95 ($49.95 for the clogs).

VAPUR®'s patented designs for its new Reflex "Anti-Bottle" ($9.99) allows for easy transport of liquids a foldable, re-usable water bootle...with a sport cap, attachable grommet---dishwasher safe and BPA fee too.

Runway -in fun colors/designs
 We ran with ours...removed the grommet and half filled---easily transportable...for hydration on the go.

PAT's Backcountry Beverages---are carbonated drinks on the go....thanks to a unique micro portable carbonator bottle...and soda concentrates ready for the mix (or make your own).

These sodas have less sugar than the usual-sweetened by natural cane sugar, some vitamins-C and Bs, natural flavors---and of course, the bottle is eco friendly too,

What we really thought genius...the beer concentrate---which has given this company a reason to navigate the maze of state liquor laws to offer it to consumers. We didn't taste the beer at OR---but thought it a great idea if it is decent.

The company even moved to Colorado for it's more liberal liquor laws. Soda/carbonator starts shipping late Auust.