Monday, August 13, 2012


Plus: Collaborations with Woolrich and Faribault Woolen Mill Co.

Outdoor Retailer/SLC
words/images Judith Ecochard

A fast up/down the aisles of the Ballroom section at the most recent Outdoor Retailer tradeshow offered up a lot for our eyeballs to take in---an eclectic bunch of exhibitors- from dry foods, portable energy sources for personal electronics (a big theme for going outdoors is staying tethered to Facebook)-to tents, socks, backpacks... 

Duluth heritage pictured-
BUT to get us to stop---something has to stand out. Duluth Pack is one such to us, but around since 1882 when French Canadian Camille Poirier, now residing in Duluth, Minnesota-filed a patent on his canvas backpack.

 By 1911 that company was sold to Duluth Tent and Awning Company---an establishment that made the first auto-packs for "the new camping rage."

all Duluth bags have a tag with the name of employee who made the bag

Jumping ahead--- a few decades...Duluth Pack continues to make rugged and stylish packs, luggage, handbags and the same 101 year- old factory...handcrafted by individual sewers ---using quality materials such as-tough 15 and 18 ounce canvas, top notch YKK zippers, hand-pounded copper rivets, solid roller buckles, and full grain leather trim.


Double Shell Bag with Woolrich wool (l), ...Standard Tote (r

Woolrich ( -based in Pennsylvania since 1830-continues to manufacture wool in its mills---and impressively --- with Duluth--- for a "313 Combined Years"---of American heritage companies.

We had a nice chat with Tom Sega, President of Duluth Pack----about this collaboration...a natural fit of made in the USA know-how...for stylish Market Totes of various sizes...Scout Packs and our fav, the Double Shell Bag.

Color Block Market Totes

Also on display, Color Block Market Totes...

Another limited edition collection uses wools sourced from Faribault Woolen Mill Company (, established in Faribault, Minnesota in 1865.

Hand-dyed, one of a kind wool...paired with full-grain leather trim---for Wool Shell Bags, Scout Packs and Totes...

Prices---for woolen bags range from about $120-$220. Duluth Packs sells all leather collection of haulers too.