Saturday, May 12, 2012


Tribeca Film Center/499 Park Avenue/NYC

Tires...and that roly-poly icon, all Michelin, of course---but also a respected and très discriminating travel and restaurant guide series- used worldwide---and now-a newly launched collection...that brought us downtown last week.

What's New--- the "Like A Local" Series of urban/country books...that answer the call for more authentic traveling experiences here and abroad...something newbies and seasoned voyagers want in a world of mass marketing---where the same exact Starbucks coffee, Apple iPad, Gucci bag or H&M frock can be bought anywhere on the planet, ...and even 'unique' cultural experiences are cloned---replicated- for easy consumption.

Easy on the palette Malbec and a crisp Chardonnay from Argentina
Peter Greenberg, a CBS news fixture...and travel guru, as it is...collab-ed with Michelin on this guide series...and was the congenial host of the evening's festivities...which featured beverages from the countries that so far ---have published tomes.

There is a NYC Green Michelin guide---that recommended spots we would suggest for visitors the highlights---importantly including outer borough destinations we could use as we are tourists there...

The book we snagged to take home was the one on Cuba---but there's a whole series forthcoming if not available now.

Entertainment...the Argentinian Tango...danced ...well. 'Like A Local..." from Buenos Aires.

A week later, we were once again reminded that many authentic international experiences can be found in the most multi-ethnic city anywhere, NYC---when we were graciously hosted by the family owned French luxury brand, La Maison du attend an exclusive SAKE tasting/chocolate pairing reception at the family owned, French luxury brand of fine porcelain and les objets de la maison- with a chic flair,  Bernardaud---

To begin the cross-cultural tasting-guests received one of these beautiful Bernardaud Anno cups designed by architect Sylvain Dubuisson

SAKE revered in Japan as exclusive vineyards in France .... are also multi-generational,  family owned entities.

Made from Japanese rice---a grain that's cultivation is in itself- a fine art---with many quality grades yielding distinct /subtle taste differences...Sakes too, no surprise---have  distinct/subtle taste differences...with well regarded brewing techniques, handed down through the ages-as honored traditions.

55th (!!!) generation of his family to run this 850 years old brewery, Mr. Gen-uemon Sudo,

Magically, the sakes we were able to taste---paired flawlessly with the deluxe chocolates we sampled, provided courtesy of La Maison du Chocolat.

Mr. Koichi Saura -brewery founded in 1724

Mr. Katsuhiko Miyasaka -est. in Nagano in 1662

We actually had a nice chat with Michael Olsen, the La Maison du Chocolat Boutique manager at the 1018 Madison Avenue locale...who clued us in on the hours' long process of of exactly sizing up correctly, which chocolate smoothly aligned with the textures and tastes of the individual sakes.
"Masuizumi" Kijyoshu Sake

Gee, that sounded like a fun day to us.

"Masuizumi" Kijyoshu is uniquely made using already completed sake in place of water...a rich flavor that goes well with cheese (not a typical Japanese food), and desserts.

Truthfully though, what doesn't pair well with the best chocolates in the world????

Mr. Ryuichiro Masuda

Euro Tropiques

Bernardaud was SRO--- with many distinguished guests from the Japanese consulate included in the mix...

Lucky us, we got there early and had time to admire some of the artist designed Limoges porcelain and dinnerware collections that were displayed.

Practical-this dishwasher/microwavable china collection transports us to a beach house somewhere...

Collection Marc Chagall

Aux Oiseaux

words/images Judith Ecochard