Thursday, May 10, 2012


These are the older faces of tradition-a fab snap we took of an archival image- at the Girard-Perregaux Boutique (701 Madison Avenue@ 62nd/63rd Streets)-notice all the women workers-as we were told "men worked in the fields"
words/images Judith Ecochard


Cipriani Dolci®
Grand Central Station, NYC

Truly bustling, Grand Central Station is a place that runs like clockwork (more or less)...and thus an appropriate spot for a celebration of haute horologists, the Swiss luxury brand- Girard-Perregaux---who magnificently launched a new branding campaign...staring eight of their young watchmakers. Genius idea...

Cipriani's Dolci is on a spacious balcony- perched above the main stage of commuters...that magically offered just the right amount of space, tasty appetizers, bubbly processco and security...

...for invited guests to see some of these interesting and immensely talented G-P work --and also to experience the steady handiwork needed to actually service one of these luxury timepieces.

IMHO=truly The Art Of Making Time

 Vintage 1945 Tourbillon with Three Gold Bridges-a patented design that is the 'signature' as it were for Giraud-Perregaux-with a pink gold folding buckle/alligator strap...functions: Tourbillon, hour, minute, small second on the Tourbillon

The concept behind this tour featuring eight talented watchmakers who we figure, did really well on their Math SATs (if they had them across the POND) that these individuals are multidimensional humans, with passionate interests in music, car racing, equestrian pursuits etc...

What super wowed us---the vintage, one of a kind, archival watches that G-P made for clients over its 221 year history...exceptional...and the first time- these treasured timepieces have traveled abroad.

a beauty-women's watch inlaid with diamonds
Modern day watches are rather special too---with all of the gazillion individual pieces that comprise a timepiece- made in-house at Girard-Perregaux' premises...only one other watch brand does that, we learned.

Vintage 1945---hour, minute, small second---with alligator strap

FYI: This guy -an invited guest- must have been at it (learning the craft) for at least a half hour-Mister Determination!

watchmaker Mathieu Bergeon---has musical taste we agree with (Top Pick = Appetite For Destruction/Guns N' Roses)..probably likes Hanoi Rocks too

There were mechanical instruments that measured ...well everything---mechanical movements of these intricate timepieces...lacking engineering degrees, it was hard for us to keep us...LOL.

Never too young to learn...

We followed this festive outing with a visit to the architecturally distinct 701 Madison Avenue locale...

The history of the 221 years old Girard-Perregaux firm is on display ---as are many of the limited edition watches that have been crafted...including the vintage classically handsome watches...from this firm that boasts over 80 patents!

love this---a hand painted bezel-timepiece for locations around the world---with a 'built-in' calendar that auto-corrects

handsome pen comes in gold too.

The multi-story boutique-includes a cleanly designed main space- with a soaring ceiling punctuated with Venetian hand blown Mangiarotti glass lamps (really chandeliers).

The second story---contains the watchmaker's workshop...(he was on vacation) private viewing rooms...

And a lower level conference room and facilities, reached by a positively Batman like elevator--- the likes of which we have never seen...could do double duty as a secret hideaway ...for...whoever needs one.