Wednesday, May 9, 2012

EVOLV Climb/Approach/Hiker Shoes


words/images Judith Ecochard

EVOL is a climbing hoe brand that has its devoted masses of users---

New to us---but not to just about every climber we know after cit chats witht hem about the brand who rave about EVOL's  TRAX XT® high friction rubber-that's just that,  high friction---with great grip and edging power,  that performs consistently over a wide range of temps.

Plus-a toe rand with strategic variances in thickness- a thicker high wear zone for durability and thinner rand in spots to reduce pressure and hot spots

Climbing shoes-with foldable tongue that's great for longer routes...comfortable too...and gym and rock grippy.

Knuckle Box for comfort in a curled position

New approach shoes-super light and grips just right with EVOL's rubber compounds-all soled in California.

Cruzer-$74.95-cotton canvas upper breathes

heel folds down for a comfy casual walk, heel tab for easy on/off

high friction TRAX outsole

moisture wicking microfiber lining, memory foam insole for cushioned strides, rubber toe and heel strands for protection, 


Captain-hiker with deeper tread $119.95-nubuck leather ripper, heel and toe rands for extra protection,  TPU heel stabilizer, full shank for stability, compression molded EVA midsole for comfort

high friction TRAX outsole

BOLT $99.95-Nubuck Leather Ballistic Nylon Upper, Compression molded EVA midsole, 

High friction Trax outsole w/ edging platform for extra confidence on rough terrain

BOLT-lower profile hiker