Friday, February 4, 2011


Zohan $154

1370 Sixth Ave. NYC

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Between this footwear trade show that's scattered around Manhattan (showrooms, the Hilton/Warwick hotels...)---and Outdoor Retailer in SLC---we saw a whole lotta footwear for Fall 2011 that falls into the realm of functional fashion.

Specialzo $154

With fashion labels adopting lug soles for grip purposes, waterproof tech fabrics, less sculptural heels-more walker friendly, and many hiker/work boot interpretations or late 70's profiles (to segway up with the RTW lovefest of YSL and all things 90's minimalism)...
Susie Spruce $174

Or performance brands adding bold color pops, feminine details, and narrower lasts for more stylish outdoor looks.

What is missing, we thought---as we wear our waterproof kickers again---because this winter is ridiculously snowy/slushy....

WAS THE FUN in footwear.

Fabric Footwork $154

That makes a gal's legs look long and slim, that perks up any outfit, that just puts on smile on...that HAS PERSONALITY.

Cant Touch This $129

LOVE--need a clear rubber  outsole to protect

Irregular Choice has Spring 2011 for sale NOW---and we so wish the weather would cooperate because we are sick of dressing for the elements and not the occasions---which in the Big Apple can skew dressy.

Accessories too...share the hodgepodge, madcap DNA...with mixed fabrics, flowers in bloom, craft-sy trims etc.

A clutch in bloom.

Well made by the company's exclusive factory (as we reported in our last review)

We got a reminder that fairer days are ahead.
Eat Me Whole $189 Fun sandal/cuffed bootie hybrid

Rasberry Ripples $129

INFO Irregular Choice

Available: on MUST HAVE SHOES
Bingo Best $109

Mish And Mash $139