Monday, June 28, 2010


Editor’s Preview-Flatiron District, NYC

Words, Images Judith Ecochard

Colorful graffiti graphics, eye catching hardware and performance details that are typical of hard core snowboard gear was on display recently in NYC last week.

We thought that most editorial attendees probably got the closet experience to being on a mountain trooping up and down the subway steps---

…but there was enough of the cool factor on display…that their readers will wear this outerwear, whether hitting the slopes or the streets.


Olympic winner skier Sarah Burke’s line with ROXY---with gold and gun metal gray thick link chains and studs on feminine colors---are outstanding. 

She swore to us she skied in this…and actually sees some boarding halfpipe action these jackets and pants perform.

We wipe out so much, we would be concerned about the hard metal giving us a bruise on a grueling face-plant.

But snazzy…absolutely...and the saturated tones of pink, gray, and a punchy purple is added incentive to perfect one's their attention grabbers.

PLUS---snow waists-removable powder skirts, built in gaiters, vents…the details that make this attire functionable wear.

For Surf, Skate, Snow brand Quicksilver---pro snowboarder, Travis Rice’s co-branded line up sports some of the coolest designs we’ve ever seen. …by featured artists Beni Pierson “bio-mechanically infused style that was heavily influenced by the original Star Wars storyboard artists…”

…Taylor Reeve, and Randy Noborikawa.

Get past the razzle dazzle though, and there are ALSO smart features on the jackets…like a 3 way adjustable hood, connecting loops from pant to jacket attachments (keeps the snow OUT), vented zips and mesh panels under arms to let the hot air out, handwarmer brush tricot lined pockets (more important than one would think), glove attachment loops, interior lycra cuffs for hands, removeable powder skirts, etc.

The pants also have snaps, hooks and Velcro closures at the adjustable waist, mesh lined zipper venting, bottom leg lift up system and internal cuff saver cinch system to hike up the bottoms for those strolls through the parking lot, an a boot lace hook….

ADDED PLUS: All jackets are Weather Proof Rated…and made of techy fabrics like waterproof Gore Tex®…

---and different styles come in relaxed, regular, o-shape and slim fits.

Look for these to start hitting retailers late summer, early Fall.