Thursday, June 3, 2010


Midtown, NYC

WORDS Judith Ecochard

The Geneva Watch company is the mothership for a host of stylish, on trend watch/jewelry brands for big name fashion houses (Kenneth Cole, BCBG, D&G etc)…. and it’s signature, classic modern BREIL watches.

Based in Italy, Breil watches are affordable, well made timepieces for fashionable types…but what WE LOVED…

The stunning jewelry collection in silver toned, stainless steel…that reminded us of the amorphous shapes of Elsa Perreti and her efforts for Tiffany…back in the day.

It was a glorious weather wise,pre-Cinco de Mayo time--- when we finally got over to the spacious terraced office on Broadway, smack dab in the middle of the Garment District --- to preview watches of the aforementioned collections.

Lucky us, we got to meet the Italy living Mr. Marcello Binda and NYC based Nicola Gallotti, the scion and manager of the family owned GRUPPO BINDA---that has emerged from its small Italian watch shop origins---- and morphed it into an internationally renown company.


Besides our engaged conversation about the upcoming Championship Leagues football finale in MADRID…and MILAN WON>>>>

----we were equally dazzled by the new BREIL jewelry pieces of the CHAOS collection---set to launch in September at stores like Bloomingdales.

Comprised of auto-adjusting chains (necklace lengths PLUS adjustable sphere positions) ---a modern feminine accessory is magically conjured up and this flexible ‘four in one’ dangler is really a knock-out. Two models---are set to launch---AND both are striking, eye-catching, architectural balances of heavy circular, shiny solid balls (and one with a natural stone)….

…played off the rectangular, light as air geometry of the chain. IN fact--- the noted sculptress Eva Hesse’s work came to mind…when we saw the dynamic contrasts of the items.

With an MSRP of $140 (each), the elegance of the CHAOS necklaces makes this more than just an everyday choice…it is the perfect accessory for the LBD/outfits we all wear, day to night. With the high/low of fashion getting all the press lately, it’s refreshing to just be able to select jewelry pieces without compromise in quality---or design.

Matching three sphere drop earrings (2 mat spheres and one high polish sphere/and one that’s a combo of high polish mat finish and one natural stone $100) …and a coordinated bracelet with a lobster claw ($90)...can be worn as ensemble---or separately.


WE didn’t have much time to take in some of the other pieces…but another top look we glanced at belonged to the Bloom group---a striking stainless steel heart and polished small sphere, a thick multi strand steel extended chain---and balnced with another thinner single strand with adjustable spring ring clasps that circles the back of the neck. ($135).


We found Breil jewelry for sale online and in MANY stores---including department stores and boutiques, worldwide...