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The Metropolitan Pavilion, West 18th Chelsea NYC

Words, Images Judith Ecochard
Also Images courtesy of respective companies.

There was a significant push to go “Green” by many cosmetics companies at the 4th annual The Makeup Trade Show.


We like the mindset of Levon Parian…the founder of Parian Spirit., a non-toxic product for makeup brush cleaning.

That REALLY works- dissolving adhesives and serious glunk used by special effects types--- without acetone or dry cleaning fluids. (YIKES).

A former biochemist/photographer, Parian and his wife-a makeup toiler at Universal Movie Studios… conjured up several cleaning, disinfecting and conditioning liquid solutions for the tools of the trade that get splattered with makeup----including clothes, wigs, false eyelashes, false facial hair, and brushes.

Parian demoed the aptly named Parian Spirit for us---housed in a portable cannister that traps the makeup and debris beneath an easily cleaned rubber screen. The product terminated powder from an oversized bristled brush- as billed…in seconds. Plus, the brush blotted dry (on paper towel) very quickly too.

“We have a shelf life of six months to a year,” Pairan noted…”and when you shake the product, it turns cloudy when it is past its peak performance.”

And we thought…good thing humans don’t work this way.


Another newbie for us is the KOH GEN DO botanically based skincare and makeup collection. Apparently, this 23 years old Japanese line has always been paraben free.

We liked how the Aqua Foundations, made from the deep sea waters of Rausu Japan, “combined (with) the limited harvest of White Birch Sap”…looked great on our skin. Apparently, there’s a light diffusion factor that’s magical…minimizing the stuff we want to minimize (pores, blotches etc)..

Added plus: Skin perfection without artificial colors, fragrance or petroleum based mineral oil.


NAKED COSMETICS-out of Tampa, Florida… had every color on the planet spread out for testing. Smartly, the 100% micronized mica (“that’s why we call it NAKED,”) can get mixed with clear nail polish, clear lip gloss or a creamy white eye base (waterproof!)… or just dabbed on with a bit of water for eyeliner…for that ideal shade.

Big plus…non-perishable, hypoallergenic and did we mention THE COLORS. Still popular, the shimmery samples with hints of glitter..

Stila is one of the first companies to embrace eco-friendly, recycled packaging. For the INDIAN SUMMER 24k Gold Collection
…the too cool for school award goes to the Golden Noir Smudgepot $20 (a saturated black/gold shade)...that works as an eyeliner or eyeshadow. It sold out at the show.


We know very little about the marketing of NU SKIN® products…but we certainly got schooled on the company’s new Galvanic Spa System II, an at home, hand held device that delivers low level, self adjusting galvanic currents to the face, body or scalp---in order to “deliver key ingredients to the skin for a revived and rejuvenated appearance.”

The concept of employing positive /negative charges via electrical currents--- in tandem with “active ingredients” lotions/gels for a natural “lift’ is not a new. Europeans have been getting these kinds of treatments for years…and so have Hollywood celebs that swear by them (not the Botox, ahem)..

We found that the demo we eagerly volunteered to get---that included pre-treatment and treatment facial gels…certainly left our face skin feeling terrific, honestly. Though we couldn’t see any lift effect. Apparently, one has to use the device at least 2x a week to see results to see major results.

Nu Skin’s system has four interchangeable treatment heads that target different areas…including an ergonomic “Tru Face Line Corrector” for wrinkles under the delicate eye area.

The eco angle...saving all that gasoline on spa trips.

NU SKIN USA or 800 487 1000.