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Agent Red Showroom, West 39th Street
June 2nd, 2009


Words, Images Judith Ecochard

The Gallery LA is a showroom/ pr/marketing machine with an eco bent. We always look forward to any project the team, led by Mikey Koffman…gets going.

Yesterday, we stopped by the spacious Garment Center located- Agent Red showroom for the Fall/Holiday collections of several clothing and accessory companies---as presented by this innovative left coast firm. One we knew (Sea Bags)…and the rest … we got to know.

Tops on our list was LOGAN RIESE an impossibly hip luxe leather line of original jackets and satchels…and BABAKUL…a fairly new collection of women’s contemporary wear with leather pieces made in conjunction with Logan (an old pal from TRUE RELIGION denim days).

LOGAN RIESE’s leather motorcycle jackets, blazers and carryalls are def original, incredibly well (and lovingly) crafted in his Santa Monica workshop out of top grain Italian leathers and exotic skins.

The outerwear and bags we saw are so cool…it didn’t surprise us that Riese has done custom work for celebs and rockers like Lenny Kravitz, Jon Bon Jovi, Shaq…and films like The Terminator.

Bet the cast kept that wardrobe!

We learned that LOGAN RIESE is set to open a new store on Robertson Blvd/Melrose next to John Vavartos LA store.

BabaKul (French for hippie) is in its second season…and true to LA fashion…it’s a beach to California formal perfect. Already plenty of Hollywood hipsters are wearing the line’s famous “Audrey” vest and 9oz denim jeans. No wonder: the collection was founded by fashion vet Kym Gold ---(a co-founder of True Religion)…and is partnered with pal Sophie Wizmann herself a seasoned denim guru (Antik, Taverniti).

What sets BabaKul apart is the trouser like polish …and the fit. Styles for Fall, available in black, grey or indigo denim, with/without a stripe -and corduroy …include “Sweet Pea” a Boyfriend Trouser, “Corey” a Skinny Zipped Hem five Pocket Trouser (our fav), “Michelle” a Wide Waist Trouser, and “Ruby” a Straight Leg Trouser.

We also liked the single button knotch collar Sophie Blazer…in plaid.


DIRTY DOG JEANS is a new denim line by the gracious Dolores Gill. “I appreciate the male form,” she told us. “I wanted to make denim that will make them look good, fit their butts in different ways--- but is flattering.”

Styles for guys that we can see guys actually wearing (and the details!!!) include “The Retriever” that zip off into shorts, and the fitted “Shaggy Dog” with zippers on the side.

There are also super comfy thermal cotton long sleeve tees, and a reworked bunch of ‘used’ tees…ECO!

For gals, there’s a classic/cool vintage like “Rock & Roll Collie” jean and a terrif denim jacket with double collar, and zip hardware details,

“It’s a little but sexy and a little bit playful, “ Gill noted.

There’s fun jewelry pieces made from recycled newspapers and resin too.

Dirty Dog Jeans™ are Made In America and the jeans are made from 100% all cotton, beaten down denim.


Handmade in Portland Maine out of “retired” sailing cloth, SEA BAGS is gaining traction beyond the nautical set. We love their oversized pillows and one off attire.

WE APPLAUD THE MISSION: “Send sails to us and we’ll pay for shipping. Or call us for a pick up (especially if you’re on Tortola or Bora Bora,”

One entrepreneur we enjoyed chatting with is the talented LA native Ani Karapetian.

Her modern gal's line KarAni has a European edge to it as well as a "futuristic "sculptural elements.

Top pick: a black skirt with intricate folds and construction. ..and a sexy pair of sleek pants with striking gold zippers up the middle of the back of the legs…for the ultimate exit.

HARI is helmed by Lainey Sheridan-Young outta London.

Though barely two years old, celebs like Madonna and Mischa Barton wear the line…which has some of the coolest slouchy slick but flattering track suits ever.

What’s also popular is the Union Jack tee shirt, with Americans no less…and the nylon hoodies. Currently available at Browns, and online.