Friday, May 8, 2009



Words, Judith Ecochard

We could not believe the press release we devoured as soon as soon as it hit our inbox…touting the makeup line IsaDora (new to us)----“perfectly formulated” spray on foundation.

First off, we were incredulous as we have written extensively about the benefits (and costs) of airbrush foundation applied by a pro (a tinted micro- mist that sprayed on via an airbrush gun, blends invisibly, last for hours and is impervious to humidity).

Secondly, we had tried on Dior’s DiorSkin AIrflash (around $60) and SKII’s AirTouch Foundation (around $155 for case & refill) ---that yes, look great on our visages but costs plenty more than the camera ready IsaDora Instant Spray - On Make-up that we couldn't wait to demo.


Can in had, we followed the instructions printed on the back of the can, shook it up, closed our eyes and pressed (prob. too hard) the nozzle.

We think this ia an acquired skill, like learning how to swipe the Metrocard. the cold liquid came out quickly.

BUT…we smoothed the tinted liquid with a makeup sponge----and the finished results rivaled our pricey foundation that we use on special occasions!!!

Seriously, we could not believe how even toned our skin looked with out the spackle effect. And the translucent results that managed to cover our spot-ty parts held up for hours…even through a sweat inducing karate class. The color seemed to blend in well and managed to stay on top of fine lines and pores, somehow.

And mercifully, it’s fragrance free.

Available in four colors…the Instant Spray-On Makeup is sold online at Amazon’s Cosmetic Mall.

Frankly, given our positive experience, we are highly motivated to try IsaDora’s other products like:

Mineral Foundation Powder ($18.00)—that’s a semi-transparent 100% natural, chemical fee minerals that can be manipulated for different levels of coverage…

…and the Lift And Cover Foundation that touts a “firming anti-wrinkle effect,” and is moisturizing.

FACTOID: A Swedish brand founded in 1983.
INFO: IsaDora