Friday, May 29, 2009


The Metropolitan Pavilion, West 18th Street, Chelsea
May 17th, 18th 2009

Words, Images Judith Ecochard
Product Images form Company websites

Trolling the aisles is always a fun thing at The Makeup Show. You never know whom you will meet.



IMHO: the pharmacies, and the beauty/skincare chains of the planet that don’t carry EMBROYLISSE LABORATOIRES’ products are brain dead.

Every professional makeup artist that breathes- has the Lait-Crème Concentrè in their bag of magic tools and cosmetics- squeezing the familiar blue/white tube at every fashion show/backstage event we have ever been too. Seriously. No matter the makeup/maquillage company sponsoring the show.


Because “…the models insist on it, ” according to the jovial Timothy M. Kost who is the Prez of Embroylisse USA Inc. (and a potential BFF-love his attitude).

This original “24 -Hour Miracle Cream $25” does it all…cleans, removes makeup spackle with ease, moisturizes without the oil slick, and also works as a primo make-up base primer. In France…it is like toothpaste and red wine…a household staple. For drier skin, the richer Embryoderme® Crème Vitaminè $40…also multi-tasks similarly.

So what’s new?

The Lotion Micellar (No Rinse Make-Up Remover $30) that gently and key, key, key…non toxically (cornflower, chamomile, witch hazel) removes all that stubborn, transfer resistant makeup-including stay put mascara- we’ll be slapping on during the summer months ---leaving our visage toned but not dried out like alcohol based potions.

And we use the new Crème De Soin Exfoliante (Exfoliating Cream $32) when we’re really gritty—though it’s “delicate” enough to use everyday, aided by micro-beads packed with Vitamins E and F.

We also love the Stick Protecteur Lèvres (Lip Protection Stick $12) that kept our puckers feeling normal during a looonnnggg mountain trek…when we are usually pealing off the chapped parts (lovely) after awhile.

Embryolisse-the name is a mouthful (after all it was founded in the 1950’s by a physician…not an advertising/marketing person). But the collection is really exceptional. and more than lives up to it’s motto: Sincere, Simple, Efficient.

INFO including Store Locator EMBRYOLISSE

Three Custom Color Specialists is the go to company for worshippers of discontinued colors that have a cult following---as they are the masters of custom blended formulas.

The pros are also fans as the extensive palette compatible offerings guarantee an exact mix/match for any skin tone…a must under the scrutiny of HD cameras.

There’s a ready to wear line too. In fact, at The Makeup Show…the blew out of the booth best seller ---actually it sold out so we couldn’t try it---was the Light and Dark Clarifying Pencils according to Chad Hayduk, a happy Co-founder of Three Custom Color Specialists. . Used to line the inner rims of the eyes…the cosmetic is an “instant” brightener…that “pops the eye and highlights under the brow bone. “

The pencils also do triple duty as a sleek concealer and lip line re-shaper/eraser …the later use rockin' a popular makeup trend for Fall 2009-of muted smackers that flies in the face of all those painful to look at and get, blowup lips via injections that dominated certain visages for years.

KETT COSMETICS was founded by a former MAC Cosmetics artist- Sheila McKenna…and its air brush “Kett Jett” is a portable air brush compressor completed by two different sized airbrush stylus wands. We’ve written about the company 2 years ago. when we fell in love with all things airbrush in general.

When we got to the oversized booth…the Makeup Artist of television’s The Jimmy Fallon Show was stacking up several Fixx Crème Makeup compacts in assorted skin tone colors. This waterproof camouflage crème serves up sheer to full coverage, is enriched with Vitamins A, C, E, licorice root extract and jojoba ---to combat spots as well as hide them. We liked how it felt on our skin…and actually use it where we need it…as it smoothes on easily with our fingers and isn’t heavy.

Talk about friendly! The Texan populated Luminess Air® booth was a highlight of the show…we found ourselves relaxing as the bubbly makeup artists Brandy Perez and Marc Harvey demonstrated for us “the first line bringing out the makeup artist in yourself….” aka an airbrush cosmetic Luminess Air® system for the retail market. Sold in kit form, that comes with a professional quality compressor and stylus PLUS liquid foundations (a Matte or more moisturizing Satin version)...and instructions. We thought to ourselves…yeah, this will work.

We had Perez demo the gizmo on us…and the fine mist coverage was flawless, the foundation didn’t accentuate the crinkles under our eyes, and the color match (foundation and blush on our cheeks bones) was really natural looking…not caked on. Though the whole thing took like three minutes to apply…our face lasted for 12 hours…staying put through the night. Yes.

Practically sold out when we got there…was the top of the line Platinum Kit…that comes with a tanning stylus for the perfect faux tan.

Available online …at about one half to a third less than other airbrush systems we saw for sale at the show. There might be legit reasons for the price differential but we think the average consumer will def go for this.

There is an Oprah Effect and there is a MICHELLE OBAMA EFFECT. Trust us…check out the stock price of J. Crew!!!

Kissable Couture got a major bump from Oprah and the First Lady who uses the lip gloss probably---the sold out “First Lady.” Another Nude toned gloss -“Honesty” sold out too.

The glosses are “a line about women and is wearable by everyone,” the sales rep (name????)…told us. “It’s not sticky or greasy and there’s no white residue. The texture is amazing…and moisturizing with a high gloss.”

The colors are “innovative” and plentiful option wise, including flattering burgundy, pink and purple tones.

FUN FACT: Co- Founders are KEISHA NASH-WHITAKER– the Oscar winning actor Forest Whitaker’s wife…and makeup artist AJ CRIMSON.