Saturday, August 2, 2008



Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week... Bebelplatz, Berlin
July 20th 19:00

Words, Pics by Judith Ecochard

The legendary Vivienne Westwood, fashion maverick and icon---made a triumphant appearance that brought the Tent down- on the last night of Fashion Week in Berlin.

What a scene. Backstage, everyone was in high spirits as makeup, hair and cheeky outfits, inspired by Greek Antiquity-almost took a backseat to all of the FUN everyone was having while working at a clipped pace to get the ensembles just right!!.

And there was plenty to admire clothing wise, as draped dresses in plain and stripped jersey echoed Greek statues-(accessorized with cheeky pins that left nothing to the imagination).

Tees and dresses also were emblazoned with Greek vase and grape motifs while frilly 50’s prom dresses poufed up some for the young silhouettes.

These are complete looks for clubbers-but also for every gal with an attitude. The construction and fit are impeccable…so indiviual separates would work with the basics we already have.

MAKEUP: Boris Enthrup, Maybelline’s main makeup dude worked magic on the models. The red glossy lips-the focus of the maquillage- were playfully smudged at the corners (like a modified Heath Ledger’s Joker mouth). The labor of love effect employed three different textures “…red lipliner with black eyeliner mixed up with q-tips, smoke matte lipstick then lipgloss” Wow-who thought of that?

Blue matte shadow, eyeliner under the eye and no mascara (“so three years ago”) completed the look.

HAIR: Attached puffed and teased pieces were attached on top of slicked back hair that was often French braided…the aura was somewhat of a crazed Regency vibe.

BACKSTAGE CELEB: Kim Catrall made a pit stop backstage after the show and graciously posed with seemingly everyone who worked back there. It was a nice touch.

Needless to say, Westwood herself got a humongous standing O.

Oh yeah, we had fun too.