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Summer Hair & Beauty Profile 2008: jane carter solution home grown hair care

Text by Liza Mulvenna, Edited by Vivian G. Kelly

Images of natural ingredients from the company website,

Hair Care in Good Health

With jane carter solution home grown hair care (branding on the package is lower case but people also refer to the company as the Jane Carter Solution.) what you get is down-to-earth hair care that rejuvenates the hair follicle and scalp, adds shine, and works with diverse hair textures for various styling situations in our lives.

“Use them in good health,” is the company mantra of founder Jane Carter, who has over 20 years experience in the hair care and salon industry. After running her own popular salon in New Jersey, being an educational director at Avlon, and traveling as part of the Clairol National Style Team, Jane wanted to develop natural hair care products that could work with all of the hair types and textures she encountered. She wanted this to be a win – win solution – to build hair health while providing for various styling needs in a multicultural, eco-conscious modern population.


The jane carter solution home grown hair care products are all made from natural ingredients and do not contain petroleum, mineral oil, glycerin, silicones, or parabens in their formulation. Jane uses essential oils, shea butters, vitamins, and other botanicals to create a refreshing hair care line that smells great and does the job of nourishing and taming hair for multiple styling purposes.

Scalp renew is made with pure essential oils of peppermint, lavender, tea tree, sweet orange, rosemary, ylangylang, bergomot, and vitamins A,D,& E.

The revitalizing leave in conditioner (Extracts of Aloe Vera, Comfrey, Watercress, Myrrh, Panthenol, Essential Oils, Anthemis Noblis Flower, Nettle, Rosemary, etc.) is great for everyday conditioning and UV protection.

(There 13 or more products in the collection, so please see for a full line description.)


We also like the underlying multicultural message of the jane carter solution home grown hair care products, and the fact that men & women of all ages, of different ethnic backgrounds, and hair types, can use them. The scent is botanical but light enough to be gender and age neutral. The products are environmentally friendly and never tested on animals.


Summer fun is here and our hair more than ever needs that extra care.
Jane Carter Solution products encouraged us to experiment with styling options in a fun and earth friendly way. Over the past few weeks, the scalp renew and revitalizing leave in conditioner have been maintenance items, using them as directed to revitalize my scalp and condition my hair. The scalp renew definitely tingled and moisturized the roots of my hair and is good for 2x a week application.

With more social occasions to attend for work and pleasure, there are even more opportunities and incentives to style my hair. Below are just a few of the summer hairstyles we explored using a few of the products in this line:


We no longer have to inhale a can of ozone-depleting aerosol to get that iconic beehive. Now, you have options - instead try wrap & roll – and let it set. Then hold further using natural hold spray gel. Match with a cute geometric tunic dress - & presto - we’re ready for any summer party.


We wanted to be adventurous yet demure for a summer evening tete-a-tete. Braids add a sense of romanticism to almost any occasion. But keeping them tidy can be tricky, so instead of the usual goo try condition & sculpt. Then pair with a sexy and soft cotton print dress and the rest is history.


Tame and straighten those locks for the professional world Monday through Friday. Even if the air outside is humid and temperatures are soaring, the client presentation needs to run on a cool summer breeze. Going between climates (cold office – hot streets, etc.) can make hair rebel and poof or frizz. Instead of heavy waxes and sticky gels to create a polished professional look, use natural hold locking spray and a flatiron to get the look that lasts all day long.


Bedhead hairdos are reserved for weekend days when we get to hang around the house and sip iced beverages with revitalizing leave in conditioner in our air dried hair. These bedhead messy locks will love the sunscreen and conditioning of this lightweight formula. Then put in a bit of the natural hold locking spray. Brush be dammed!!

All in all, we encountered guilt-free styling all the way, knowing that we were giving our hair “vitamins” and getting away with using hairdryers and irons with less potential damage. And, the products worked to hold and condition the designed style. How nice is that?


The ones mentioned and more jane carter solution home grown hair care products can be found on the company website: .
They are also at many retails locations nationally such as Whole Foods, The Vitamin Shoppe, Pure Beauty, Urbanbella, and others.
Check with your local salon or health food store.

Prices are very reasonable with 8 oz. shampoos starting at $8, 8 oz. conditioner at $14, and most styling products are $9 with a couple of scalp and deep treatments that run $14-22. One can also buy Regimens that are packaged for select hair types and conditions.

Overall, jane carter solution home grown hair care is a very high quality natural product line that is reasonably priced and values balanced hair and scalp health for everyone.