Saturday, August 2, 2008

THE MEN’S LOUNGE: vedaPURE, AMALA Skincare, CUMMING Fragrance Line

Text, Mark Behnke
Edited by Vivian G. Kelly

Images, from respective company websites

Hi there and welcome to The Men’s Lounge. Men’s grooming is expanding geometrically these days and it gets hard to keep up. Every once in awhile we get some things we want to let our faithful readers know about but we don’t have the time for full blown testing and reviews. When that happens we’re going to gather them all up and post an installment of The Men’s Lounge. In this first installment we’re going to cover two very eco-friendly products one from vedaPURe and the other from Amala Skincare. Finally Cumming fragrance is extending their line and we gave their body scrub a test drive.

vedaPURE vedaDUDE Splash Aftershave

Pediatrician Dr. Natalie Geary started out making skincare products for infants based on Indian medic ine’s Ayurvedic principles. By applying these standards Dr. Geary, uses only the most natural and pure ingredients avoiding any of the synthetic components found in most commercial aftershaves. The Splash is mainly composed of three fruit extracts orange, lemon, and cranberry to purify the freshly shaven skin. In addition lavender distillate is used to soften the skin. The Splash has a bracing citrusy fragrance that really brought my shave to a pleasant close the couple of days I used this product. It absorbs fairly quickly and did leave my skin feeling great in preparation for my application of my daily moisturizer. Splash comes in all-aluminum bottle with an elephant seated in a lotus position as its logo. It is called Splash and the one drawback I had when using it is when applying it, it just pours out of the bottle so getting just the amount on can be a little difficult. What truly offsets this is all of the vedaDude products are $20 and for the quality of ingredients that are being used [particularly in Splash] that’s a bargain. If you’re looking for a green alternative to your shaving routine I can easily recommend vedaDUDE Splash.

vedaPure is available through their website:

Amala Skincare Detoxify Firming Body Treatment

LYRA MAG contributor, Liza Mulvenna, did a thorough review of Amala Skincare’s line a couple of posts back and all of the background on the line is in that post. When the Amala Skincare product came into the LYRA offices I quickly snatched the Detoxify Firming Body Treatment. I’ve recently lost a lot of weight and I need something to help firm my skin up and was anxious to give this a spin. Just as with the vedaDUDE product the use of all natural material really makes for a top-notch skincare product. I used the Detoxify Firming Body Treatment every morning after my shower and at night before sleep. I really like the way this feels going on my skin, it absorbs with no greasy sheen left on your skin and the myrtle, sea algae and apricot combine for a nice scent that isn’t too feminine for a man to use. Also I have seen clear improvement of the tone and feel of the skin on my arms and legs. All of the packaging is post-consumer and this product is ECOCERT certified organic. Just as with vedaPURE here is another opportunity to be green and still look fabulous.

Amala skincare products are available though their website:

Cumming Off Buff Body Scrub

The 43-year old bisexual actor Alan Cumming has one of the most lauded celebrity men’s fragrances in Cumming. The fragrance line has now been extended to include the double entendre laden Cumming All Over body lotion and Cumming Clean body wash. I’ve been using the Cumming Off Buff body scrub the last couple of weeks, and am a big fan of the fragrance. One of the reasons it succeeds is it really pushed the envelope and the beginning can be a little intense for some but the fragrance really develops into something special over time. That is the main flaw to the body scrub. While I like the intensity of Cumming the Fragrance as I’m ready to present myself to the world, having the scent in my little moment of calm that is my morning routine seems jarring. As a body scrub, it does the job fine as my skin felt good and appropriately exfoliated without a lot of abrasiveness in the scrub. One just has to know how much Cumming is too much. Sorry I just couldn’t resist.

The whole Cumming Fragrance line is available at