Saturday, August 2, 2008


Words, Images Judith Ecochard
Kilian Kerner in Center

Born in Cologne, Kilian Kerner’s fashion career was innovatively launched in 2004- after studying drama in his hometown and Berlin.

We think he made a wise move, job-wise.

While the audience was rocking out to the electro-pop band “SplinterX” –the models raced down the runway in polished urban outfits that would look just right in any fashion forward city in the world.

Women: Elegant and edgy are two adjectives that come to mind with asymmetrical cuts, flowing dresses with Japanese oragami folds… and gentle draping softly folded into peplum hems- served up slim silhouettes. Colors were largely neutral including midnight black and beige.

Fabrics, as we saw at every show in Berlin-were luscious…as in silks, super soft cotton blends and a touch of sparkling chiffon.

MEN: Fashion forward dandys strutted their stuff in plaid Bermuda style shorts, cropped black pants paired with a long grey cardigan, and our Alexander McQueen worthy belted truncated trench jacket with clever front folds defining the body.