Monday, August 25, 2008



Outdoor Retailer Market Spring/Summer ’09 Market, Salt Lake City, August 10th

Wors, Images Judith Ecochard and Kamik’s website (People Magazine)

The urban invasion of impossibly cute waterproof rain boots enveloping the peds of seemingly every kid (and quite a few adults), courtesy of Kamik Footwear Company…began a few years ago after the stylemeister Madonna was snapped wearing a day-glo “Daisy” pair.

More recently celebrity spawn have been captured by People Magazine wearing Kamik boots…and we think it’s because they’re the best-not because they were freebies.


We got the quick scoop of this brand from the Québec based Catherine Cook-the granddaughter of founder who journeyed West (at the age of 13!!! –no helicopter parents back then) from Lebanon to South America…and then worked his way up north.

Jump to the 21st century- the Kamik design team was “looking for new things to do that we have the machinery for…”

And the smash hit splashy but splash proof boots were born.


Lower versions of the Polartec™ lined winter boots in neon colors and swirly patterns are boldly bright. “Customers buy multiple pairs,” Cook pointed out …and at around $59, we can see why wearers go all matchy – matchy.

A shoe like slip-on “Doodle” also comes in the bright and traditional colors too.

DETAILS: Recycled “non-marking” rubber soles “designed to grip” and removeable insoles make these rainboots comfy too.

FACTOIDS: The Discovery Channel has filmed a segment on how rainboots are made…set to air in the Fall.

Kamik also produces shoe for trekking and sandals.

RETAIL: Widely available in stores and online at Zappos, REI, Nordstrom etc.