Friday, August 15, 2008

THE GIDEON OBERSON PRIVATE COLLECTION – Sophisticated swimwear for the jet set woman

THE GIDEON OBERSON PRIVATE COLLECTION – Sophisticated swimwear for the jet set woman

Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Images, Richard Spiegel

Time: Saturday afternoon, July 19, 2008
Place: The Miami Convention Center – the SEA CO. Booths

Miami Swim Week’s highlight was not at the Raleigh tents this year, but at the cavernous Miami Convention Center a few blocks away.
We liked EVERY single piece in this collection, and it’s just not that often we can honestly make such a definitive statement about any collection. The collection is called “Jewels of the Sea”.
Everyone needs a little bit of fantasy, especially in these troubled economic times. Gideon Oberson delivered ours, in spades when ATELIER PR’s LOU IACOVELLI showed us the whole GIDEON OBERSON 2009 PRIVATE COLLECTION.

THE FANTASY: You’re a jet-setting socialite who flies on private jets, lounges on your and your friends’ yachts and spend the year traveling between your many homes. Being such a fortunate creature, it’s highly probable that you’ll be spending a lot of time in a swimsuit. If the suit is beautiful enough, it could double as your top for dinner on the yacht or your friend’s villa on a private island.
-An almost exclusively black color palette. Everyone looks slimmer and better in black, just as they do with a tan, as designer Michael Kors has so famously said.
- One distinctive ornamental touch per suit. As with handbags, it’s getting that one detail that makes a great bag [or suit, in this case]. Overloading a bag or garment is not the answer.

ABOUT GIDEON OBERSON, “the Karl Lagerfeld of Swimwear”
Gideon Oberson is the Karl Lagerfeld of the designer swimwear business, and one of Israel's leading swimwear designers. This seasoned veteran has been designing upscale swimwear under his own name since 1976, and for the very famous Gottex Label since 2003. He loves designing swimwear, and is inspired by the natural beauty of Israel and Italy, where he travels often.
Mr. Oberson makes a point to understand the spirit and psychology of the woman for whom he is creating fashion. Early on, Mr. Oberson was aware of the importance of matching design to the character of the culture in the different countries he was selling his designs to. Mr. Oberson's design credo could well be "less is more". From the beginning, his swim designs were considered to be revolutionary.
SIGNATURE PIECES: cutout maillots, scant bikinis and tangas, as well as see through numbers. Every year, as part of his eponymous collection, he shows a very limited number of hand-made embroidered or stone-studded pieces.
To view more Gideon Oberson designs and to check stores and availability, visit the official website,