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Creative Crackers...BIG GAME SNACKS

runchy, snack worthy crackers-today's are worthy subs to quell  cravings  without as much fat or added sugar calories as the typical chips.

Super Bowl Entertaining Alert...up the game with these...

Peter's Yard Crispbread-inspired by Sweden's signature wheel shaped cracker-these oversized crackers-are made from organic ingredients in the UK...and are worthy crunchy foundations for sharp -mild cheeses and spicy spreads. Widely available here in several flavors-like original (pictured).
As addictive as bar nuts mixes...Red Barn Lavash Brewfest Crackers by Jaspar Hill Farms-are made from spent pressed grain from  Long Trail Brewery....and even has some of that's Vermont company's ale in the mix. SO SMART-and kudos for no food waste ethos!

2's Company super thin Australian made crispy wafers-"pairs perfectly with cheese..."scoop up dips and sauces with ease -and tastes great on their own. Gluten free wafers too-with mild cheese-y flavor. Widely available here
Seeds add flavor and a bit of nutrition too...from DIVINA specialty foods...(Amazon, Target, Walmart etc - carries this Italian label's breadsticks, flatbreads etc)

Goes with....
Cheeses of Europe...

Hummus is so popular-hard to remember when this Mid East staple made from tahini...arrived stateside.
"Culinary trailblazers..." hummus makers- Lantana -deliver savory/refreshing options in 8 flavors-above-Yellow Lentil, Edamame, Cucumber (l-r)