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...lie down and let the machines do all the work.

A new shapely you-no gym hours need-just the bucks to pay for it

WHAT: Fat melting devices and the latest technology-courtesy of Eastern Europe,  EMSculpt by BTL Aesthetics-that builds up targeted muscles like the most intense workout you'll never do.

USING: Radio frequency, ultrasound and electromagnetic waves...bombard the targeted areas...somewhat reminding us of that college physics class taken.

First off-what we actually tried for five minutes....the much hyped EMSculpt treatment. And yes we were impressed.

Note-as practitioners of long distance triathlons-we have very very little body fat and all major muscles groups get worked out (right?) curiosity played into a willingness to subject the abs to toning, figuring we didn't really need it and more importantly -we didn't want it to negatively impact a swim practice the next day.

At the UES/799 Park Avenue Inside Beauty Spa- a medical aesthetic spa overseen by board certified plastic surgeons - Drs. Ramtin and Sheila Kassir...we had our moment under an EMSculpt paddle dubbed the "Steel Body" treatment -to "build muscle and burn fat"...literally.

Lying down with our elevated head on a comfy lounge-y full length cushioned chair-we had an oversized paddle like device  placed on the treatment area (middle of our stomach)-currently FDA approved for abdomen, upper thighs-and  the butt (where two paddles are used...simultaneously).

The paddle switched on-makes ALL OF every itty bitty stomach muscles contract -via electromagnetic pulses-that reach deep down in the muscles...pretty rapidly too. It feels discomforting, though not painful-and the intensity can be dialed up or down with the amount reading on a large flatscreen.
Our stomach went up and down/curled in- with certain contractions-that alternated with moment s "thumping" (at rest)-when lactic acid build-up-that one gets from a muscles workout naturally-gets released. Very interesting.

FYI-the company's rep explained why even athletes-feel an EMSculpt workout...and gave a metaphorical reference to how your stomach feels after throwing up-but OF COURSE-not with the negative part-meaning how involuntarily-all those abdomen muscles get deployed when upheaving, whatever-and it's true-it's why after a bout of food poisoning, we felt like we got hit by a truck.

One won't feel like THAT-after EMSculpt...but we def felt like we did 100 crunches targeting every muscle group in our stomach-after only five minutes. We even saw already-slightly more definition in the upper part-where we have no body fat anyway=might explain why it was visible so fast. By the next day-the workout feeling was gone (though with a full treatment-might still linger we were told)-and we felt no drag on our usual swim workout.
EMSculpt-then is really kind of a no downtime treatment though we wouldn't engage the muscles treated right afterwards.
Suggested protocol-is thirty minute treatments -2 x a week for two weeks -then follow-ups every 6 months or so as the muscle toning is not permanent. And though we didn't experience EMSculpt on posterior locales-it's being touted as a non-surgical butt lift procedure-and we can see how that could be true.

Costs? Varies -we gotten 20% or $1000 off offers arriving in our inbox as of late-for packages that typically range from $3000-$4000. Not inexpensive but effective imo.


Other non-invasive fat targeted treatments-none of which we have tried include-been around a while Coolscuplting-freezes targeted fat cells and-a Cutera's truSculpt® iD where innovative Monopolar Radio Frequency waves target fat cells in multiple areas too like bra/back fat -if desired (in as little as 15 minutes too),  permanently vanquishing those unwanted fat cells-(the kind that can't be exercised away too)- that then get discarded by the body.