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Like A Rainbow...Part 1

Bold colors...bring '80s splashiness forward- three decades later.



Break out of that urban black with the psychedelic hair tones-made with the newer formulas-that will actually leave tresses intact while imparting the colors(s) of dreams.

Keratin Complex' collections- KeraBrillance and GraffitiGlam Demi-Permanent deliver possibilities ranging from what you're born with to what can match any vibrant outfit (or mood)

Diary Sketches 

IN MANIC PANIC WE TRUST-new wash out temporary AMPLIFIED® hair color spray is ideal for changing it up whenever-and is perfect for kids/teens/team spirit...without the procedural worry of  more permanent hair color.

FUN...the Pink Flamingo +Electric Lizard (neon green) shines on and shows up under black light. 
Other hair color collections in Manic Panic's range of vegan cruelty free hair colors-include semi-permanent Classic High Voltage options in trendy shades of gray to rich earthy hues-sea worthy blues-to rainbow tones to flaunt+flash.