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Holiday Express: Tips

From Black Friday- Lunar New Year -adds up to around a lucky 13 weeks of celebrating something.

Time for everything? Of course not.

Some tips on speeding up parts of life without compromises.

Part One

Beauty Time Busters

We've covered imPress Nails since the company sponsored fashion runway shows. Though digital scrolling  Instagram has taken over that role...the variety of press on nails still are the best for fast manis with creative flair, including trendy limited editions like the ones pictured- the Alice+Olivia by Stacy Bendet collection.

PLUS...imPRESS press on manicures are so easy to put on-one could apply while commuting on mass transit.

Hint: Nail beds are shaped differently-if yours run a bit flatter-nail glue can help achieve a long lasting adhesive.

Hair shines with hold less the sticky stuff. Ecru New York... has a new multi-tasking TEXTURE Setting Spray that works -on wet or dry tresses.

Silk proteins thermally protect and provides for a lightweight frizz free hold that depending on application can be finger comb through worthy (ideal for tight-loose ringlets courtesy of Mother Nature or curling iron-straightened locks via a flat iron-or faster yet-gel like -for a  slick backed look that's a time saver for wet hair)... or more stylized creations- spray on  a heavier application (piece-y perfection)...  use on dry hair for holiday festive up-dos.

Bonus-may even result in better looking second day hair...with or without re-application... a real time saver.


Nutraceuticals for inner beauty-as easy as popping a capsule (or two)=speedy help for stressed out tresses...w/o time needed for other hair helpers like masques...

 Our daily doses come courtesy of SeroVital Hair Regeneris- a company we wrote about a year ago-makes a topical application with Chromaviv™ that gradually eases out gray hair (yup=pretty cutting edge) and Nutrafol (different formulations for men and women-contains marine collagen but not shellfish fyi).

Both have plethora of herbs and known hair cuticle builders like Biotin, various vitamin Bs plus trace minerals/botanicals.

Note: positive results are never insta---consistent daily doses for 6 weeks-three months are needed (imo) notice a difference. Volume improvements growing cycle of hair increases...akin to eyelash treatments, that way.