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Feast Fill-Ins

Great gathering food/drink-options to bring along...


NY State of Mind:

Hard Cider-is catching on as a refreshing party (or anytime) alcoholic drink-that synchs well with late Fall's typical fare.

Try crisp-sweet-to-tart/acidic-to spice-y fruit selections from the Empire State's culinary destinations-the bountiful Hudson Valley and Catskills Mountains-or  the beautiful Finger Lakes-known for its award winning Rieslings.
New York's abundant apple crop-with the variety of apples grown= first in the USA...are picked and often distilled- right on the premises.


The slight carbonation and low- like beer -ABV-makes it worthy of game watching thirst quencher status AND meal sipping liquid- pair with  T-day turkey, cinnamon accented cookies/pies, rich creamy pastas, New England oysters' anything, to bold cheeses and in fancy crafted cocktails.
TRY: Raymor Estates Cellar-from the Finger Lakes Region- is a wonderful fruity mouthful.
For hard cider-with added interesting subtle accents- Sidney NY based Awestruck premium hard cider-has a Lavender Hops and Hibiscus Ginger as well as a layered Dry Apple Oat version.
Nationally available Angry Orchard Hard Ciders  deliver in descriptive flavors-including tart Green Apple, English style Stone Dry, as well as more traditional sweet-acidic Crisp Apple.
Tip: chill in the glass bottle-and drink in a wide bowl like white wine glass-though apparently drinking hard cider over ice is also thing here.
In the Brittany-Normandy regions of France-where hard cider has always been popular-it's served closer to room temps.


Curiously-there are still some people our there who have never heard of now widely Brownie Brittle. Unbelievable to us-as these crispy chewy-deep chocolate treats are NOW even served in 1 oz packs on board many airlines-and imo-are a reason those CPG packaged cookies aren't selling...

Bring a bunch of Brownie Brittles-in the fun ribbon holiday packaging-to make other guests forget about what else is around for dessert. Each bag pictured has (about) four servings per...

Holiday flavors are available now-in crispy original Brownie Brittles (salted caramel with dark chocolate drizzle + chocolate chip with white chocolate-y snowflake drizzle)...and the smaller pieces of Brownie Brittle Bites-with creamy interiors.

 Festively packaged in resealable bags-though we doubt there will be a need-once opened...celebratory flavors of the Brownie Brittle Bites - pictured-are  the Peppermint Dark Chocolate (chocolate chip Brownie Brittle morsels covered in layers of peppermint-dark chocolate icing), and Milk Chocolate Caramel (Brownie Brittle morsels in layers of sweet chewy caramel and milk chocolate).
Our favorite new flavor-is the addictive salty sweet chocolate Thindulgent Milk Chocolate Bark-Caramel Pretzel...which has the crisp pretzel pieces engorged by mouthwatering chewy vanilla -ish salty caramel atop the rich chocolate part...shape wise-akin to a coated graham cracker in  size...fused with some of the flavors of everyone's fav trail mix. But better.
Disappearing as quickly--the minty Peppermint flavor Thindulgent.... chocolate brownie brittle pieces coated with fresh peppermint flakes+white icing.

FYI:-all Brownie Brittle eats pair well with scoops of ice cream-any which way...crushed atop homemade cakes and pies-or as a sweet crunchy in this no-bake yummy pumpkin cheesecake recipe.

For gift giving-buy in bulk online...perfect for food baskets and as stocking stuffers