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De-Stress Cosmetics

A predictable theme for the holiday seasons is to de-stress..and a whole bunch of CALMing cosmetics and ingredients ( like soothing multi-tasker calamine) aims to minimize "nature's alarm system" cortisol's negative impact on skin.

PLUS-the latest in hydration, topically.

Korea's SUNJIN Beauty Science sunscreens and blocks with Calamine.made from anti-oxidant loaded cherry blossom extract.

Skin's gets hydrated-with SUNJIN Beauty Science 's latest solution of creams and balms-that are super lightweight and absorb or rinse off pdq without leaving a film like many oil loaded moisturizers+cleansers out there, From creams to custards...all feel barely there vs old school skin creams. 
Birch sap is an 'it ingredient' for skincare naturally packed with  nutrients+hyaluronic acid that moisturizes-plus calming anti-oxidants that sooth irritated skin.
Velvet Air Lipsticks by ECRU New York...latest moisturizing long lasting lipsticks that  impart a smooth stain that can vary in intensity-from opaque -(swipe it in with a finger) to multi-layer it on-fora  bolder tint. Cool factor- lip feel-is as if one has nothing on-effect is matte without the dryness one would expect. Many colors available including pictured plumberry + mulberry $24

Beautycounter products are massively popular in the USA as it  bans 1500 toxic ingredients the FDA doesn't (The Never List™)-so it essentially screens out stuff that the EU ALREADY DOES-plus-Countermatch Pure Calm Cleansing Milk $32. Plum, jojoba seed  and coconut oils-not greasy cleaners that remove makeup effectively without a struggle.

Thought this botanically based brand from Israel-Kamedis Dermatology-very interesting. Using elements from traditional Chinese medicine to mitigate skin irritations-their line of CALM SKIN targeting eczema and dry skin (with rhubarb), CLEAR (with purslane-non-drying acne, and  CONTROL vs dandruff/itchy scalp-have proprietary blends of clinically proven botanical extracts to ease -atopic dermatitis-inflammations, allergic reactions, etc...without the use of steroids. No parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, tars or dyes either.We'd say mass market prices too-($ from about $ 10.99-$20.99 online)