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Travel Inspirations/Capetown South Africa

NOBEL SQUARE-statues of four of the country's Noble Peace prize...Albert Lithuli, Desmond Tutu, FW de Kleerk, and Nelson Mandela.
A 'seventh wonder of the world' Tabletop the background
A cuppa ---no better non-caffeine sip than South Africa's Rooibus tea...naturally sweet and soothing.
South Africa's Nike football team jersey-made into a long anorak...

South Africa's 'cuisine' is actually very varied----reflecting it location at the tip=aka as a major trading port. Above- foods influenced by India's culture  morphed with African offerings--- resulting in spice loaded (cumin, coriander, cardamom, fennel, turmeric):- to insanely hot eats.  Vegetarian snacks-fried samosas...fried whole peppers-and fresh sliced veggies-paired with soothing yogurt and sauces. FYI-three of us barely made a dent into this filling appetizer. Halal meats and curries =standard fare.

CODA: South African wines are great values...the nearby Stellenbosch area-yields many typical French whites -full bodied mineral-oaked balanced Chardonnay, crisp medium body Sauvignon Blancs and red blends -sometimes with the native grape-Cinsault,  that are delicious and also lean towards French wine tasting.