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Athlete Essentials: Healthy Easy Eats/Treats

Some endurance athletes relish the post workout food experience- preparing/eating ritual- ahead of time or in the moment.

And then folks like us-are too tired and just want to fuel asap. Even those meal delivery kits=too much effort.


We  avoid the 'diet' stuff with unpronounceable ingredients since it's not gonna get us over that finish line any faster...among other reasons. Added sugars and unnatural creations (GMO)...are in the 'avoid' category too.

SO-easy nutrition simple foods-that are treats too---are under thirty seconds from 'go' to eat...and qualify as dinner as well as snack foods. IMO-all the same, these days.

1) NONA LIM rte "crap free" soups.
Gushing accolades by tempted attendees at the recent Fancy Food Show (be impressed-lotsa good stuff there)-plus an encounter at the NYC Triathlon expo-had us eager to sample these well packaged soups. NONA LIM's assortments of both vegan, gluten free, non-GMO non-dairy and non-vegan soup options-are nutritious gourmet to go...with sophisticated spice blends gently amping up some flavor favs like the ones pictured ---Carrot Ginger and Miso Broth.
In fact-we'd say those two pretty much rival any star chef option-with the Miso Broth actually a misnomer (IMO)-with real deal vegetable broth-carrots, celery onions, sake, organic tamari and miso, tahini, and hints of garlic ginger , kosher salt, khombu (seaweed) and sesame oil- in the mix. Pretty amazing (and tasty) combo of Asian ingredients...that food snobs only-would be wowed by-let alone starving athletes eager to re-hydrate and fuel.

 Equally as nuanced in flavors...the aromatic Carrot Ginger -a creamyish a smooth blending of carrots, water, coconut cream, onions, leeks, olive oil, lime juice, ginger-fresh and candied, thyme, kosher salt and fennel. Impressive-if only post race food included these vs the usual fare.
Naturally- Nona Lim soups are cinch to 'prepare'-just lift the lid off and microwave in the cardboard (aka not toxic-BPA free) oversized-10 oz cup.
HINT: Keep these in the freezer-and take one to work-if where you're at has a the time lunch/snack time rolls along-the Nona Lim soup will be de-frosted-but still cold...ready for heating up. Or store in the refridge...has a shelf life of ten weeks.
FYI: The Thai Coconut Lime Bone Broth (non vegetarian) won a SOFI award. Available now at Whole Foods, many MANY natural leaning/health food grocery stores...and NONA Lim's own store fronts and online.

2) NOOSH ALMOND single serve packaging that's travel friendly too...delivers the plant based protein we need (desperately!). Taste wise--we think it's terrific/creamy good...straight up or lavished on organic rice crackers. Plus this delicious nut spread comes in fun treats' flavors---like birthday cake, cupcake, chocolate (what we tried), original- and maybe perfect for pre-workouts-a coffee flavor too!  As to be expected-Noosh almond butter is FREE OF gluten, peanuts, soy, dairy and corn, is NON-GMO...contains meaningful Vitamin E and DHA-Omega 3s...and each .5 oz packet serves up 80 calories/3grams of protein, and 4% calcium+iron needs.  Made from California almonds.

3) Atop the aforementioned almond butter...or adding a sweet gluten free pop to waffles or chunky salty pretzels when we get the hunkering for carbs...Polaner's new Fruit Maple premium fruit spreads-offer just the right amount of sweetness without the overkill of sugar. These spreads are winning fusions of real fruits (like raspberries, strawberries, blueberries or peaches) and real maple syrup from Maple Grove Farms-and not much else. A smart idea for combining two food items that can multi-task in baking, on breakfast foods like toast/pancakes/crepes or adding just the right amount of spreadable jam/syrupy berry/peachy sweetness to the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. NO high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or artificial colors. YUMMY! 

PS: Plain yogurt, vanilla ice cream, southern style BBQ sauces...could all benefit from adding a tbsp or so of Polaner's Fruit Maple spread -or melt a bit and brush atop pie or cobbler pie crusts before baking-for added crispy pops of flavor. 

WHAT ELSE: Happy days- blueberries ARE in season. Our fav fruit---and loaded with anti-oxidants.