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Trends: Food Textures+Functional Ingredients+Packaging

Fancy Food Show 2018

Stroll enough aisles at the massive Fancy Food tradeshow-and food themes jump out...
Below-are some of the new 2018 trends we picked up on.
Part One.

Thin Is In-small bites - crispy sweets
The name is apt...Rich Chocolate COOKIE THINS are crispy melt in your mouth good-now available in snack size (90 calories). If you're the type that separates your Oreo cookies-and eat the wafer part, separately'll love these Mandy's Cookie Thins. (Available by the case- Fusion Gourmet, Amazon) 
These mini graham crackers= Chortles- are so cookie cute small-lends itself to tossing a few atop an ice cream scoop-or yogurt. And as sweet indulgent as these are-there's a cleaner ingredient list-than others in this category. No high fructose corn syrup no hydrogenated oils, no palm oil (YAY), no trans fat, no cholesterol or saturated fats, and made in a nut free facility. The snack sizes above contain 110-120 calories-and they're fun to eat---shapes are kid perfect.
DOLCETTO Petites Lemon Wafer Bites-are delicious-in fact we were surprised how crisp outside was-airy wafer buttery texture- surrounding a perfect sweet tangy creamy lemon-y-vanilla filling.  Seriously-opposites attract here, texture wise...and even if you don't think you'll like these-you will be. In snack size-100 calories.  FYI-Dolcetto in Italian means "little sweet one"--and is also the name of a Piedmont red grape. Available on Amazon and by case on manufacturer site- Fusion Gourmet
Sheila G's Thindulgent Sandwich Cookies-are best eaten whole...the buttery crisp outer layers surround indulgent rich salted caramel or toasted coconut-both within an indulgent (get it?) cocoa-y bonus flavors. Non-GMO-and Kosher...and mercifully-fairly widely available :-)  FYI-def won't last long...just like the Brownie Brittles we get. Available on Amazon.