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Recycled Coffee Pods...Nespresso/Victorinox=Brilliant!


YES-you can have your caffeine and be sustainable too.

Officially obsessed...
The original Swiss Army knife company Victorinox has teamed up with single serve- pod royalty a recycle program whereby 24 aluminum single serve capsules get the do-over melt-down treatment-morphing into the aluminum cladding-aka the textured scales on the outside of a limited edition PIONEER pocket knife/ multi-tool . There's even a Nespresso engraved stamp on a blade. Available online  $55 while supplies last ...and select Victorinox + Nespresso boutiques.
the 411...fill up the the Nespresso UPS bag w/ used single serve capsules -give/drop off to UPS locations.... or drop off at Office Home Depot or Staples. FYI-part of Nespresso's Second Life Project
pictured-on left this limited Victorinox Swiss Army Pioneer multi tool knife-packaged in recyclable box +Nespresso bag for UPS.

PS: Tools for the Pioneer -large blade, reamer, punch, can opener, 2 screwdrivers (3 mm, 7.5 mm), bottle opener,  and wire stripper

AT the most recent Fancy Food Show-Canada based Jumping Bean served up coffee made with K-Cup fitting 100% compostable single serve-coffee several roasts (dark-light, regular+decaf)

Jumping Bean even manages to roast their beans producing 85% LESS CO2 emissions aka every pound of their coffee, when roasted -saves the planet 1 lb of carbon waste. 

Jumping Bean's BPI certified 100% compostable single serve pods- coffee capsules manages brew a rich cup of coffee imo better than the land fill clogging-plastic typical K-cup. 


KOHANA -USDA Organic Cold Brew concentrate-delicious+sourced from women farmers-in organic original, organic toasted coconut, and organic french roast -in 32 oz size=16 cups...available online $11.99
Premium MISCELA D'Oro single serve  coffee-espresso pods-from Sicily Italy-fit Nepresso machines. Available online by the case (handy-150 count!!!) or bag (18 per)---regular, organic, decaf... on their site +here

Califia Farms-we've been writing about this California based company a few years now-and from day one-we' knew it would be massively popular-based on their initial cold brew- tastes alone!!! Nope-not taken over yet by some giant CPG but big name celebs have poured in the cash lol. No dummies. Their Cold Brew concentrate (2.5x strength) made the same proprietary cold brew process available now. BONUS beans are sourced directly from Central/South American growers.

CODA-In the Italy exhibitor aisles at the most recent Fancy Food Show-complete kitchens -real deal chef staffed---PLUS big barista  -espresso bar were set-up-ready to serve at the asking. Our first destination in the AM (duh).
Amused us that the Javits Convention center Starbucks...out in the main lobby-had a line-when attendees could have these quality liquids better tasting/better price!!!