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Not a ref to Prince Harry,

Teeth clinging-taffy-like aromatic ginger chews were a fav of  senior family members-acquired tastes for time spent in India and England during/post WW II.

Now-the natural remedies/ health benefits of this fragrant root-are well known-particularly as a digestive tummy calmer+anti-inflammatory helper. No wonder ginger (lemon tea) is so popular...whether sipped up via branded tea bags-or what we do...slice a fresh chunk off the real deal root-peel it a bit-and steep in a cuppa hot water.

Plus unlike say ginseng...ginger actually tastes good. Paired with cinnamon/cloves in cookies, garlic in Asian fusion sautés or on its own (with sugar-in addictive ginger snaps)...this sophisticated flavor multi-tasks in a lot of yummy eats.

Maybe that's why-it seemed like the sweet-savory Ginger chews were the "it' single wrapped hardish chew candy at this year's Fancy Food Show.
Besides the soon to be collectible Harry Potter themed Jelly Beans.

HA-barely got home in a NY minute-before we sampled these seriously delicious original GIN-GINS® chews from The Ginger People Group. (that's an unwrapped piece in the lower right-lightly dusted). Authentic ingredients-non-GMO, gluten free+vegan-Gin-Gins have spicy adult sweet melty taste/quality-with the distinct true ginger  -a palate highlight. The company-founded years back by a couple with a background in tea harvesting-sources its main organic ingredient from family farms on the lush lower slopes of Mount Arjuna, East Java. Widely available -online and brick-mortar like Targets...and in different flavors and sizes including bulk (smart)- too.

Prince of Peace Ginger Chews-Mango
 Other brands seen----

Melting Sweet Ginger Candy

CHIMES Ginger Chews-with Peanut Butter-from the brand we remember seeing sold in our local store-for decades.
Gem Gem Ginger Candy.oh oh Orange! Also in Just Ginger, Mango and Lemon-new product from  Brother's Trading LLC