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Flavorful Native Spices/Foods/:Africa, Haiti, Australia

Ancestral inspirations and distant islands/continents...turned up in new ways at the latest Fancy Food Show...with African, Haitian, and Australian spices livening up foodie goodies.
Departure Snacks-travels for you, no security checks-needed, tastes wise-with far flung locales-thematically adding flavors to dry roasted almonds. Pictured-Ethiopian Berbere-with smoked paprika, mild chilies, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and imo the new 'it' spice-cardamon=fragrant spice hits. Non-GMO, gluten free +vegan. 210 calories/pack.

These Malongo Arabica Coffee beans-flavorful and aromatic- hail from  the Blue Mountain and Bourbon coffee trees from the beautiful Lake Kiva region -one of three massive fresh water lakes in the African continent. This watery source borders Rwanda and Congo-and the coffee beans are grown on the edge of the northwestern area. Organic and Fair Trade.

SOFI Winner -New Product Condiments : Spiral Foods Aussie Bush Rub-native spices

BN FOODS-food maker/carrier for private labels-here Aussie based Spiral Foods new SOFI New Product Winner 2018 Aussie bush BBQ Sauce
Commonwealth Kitchen (Dorchester, Boston) -a food incubator served up many winning eats from small entrepreneurs. One of them....  this HAITI™ Haitian Relish Hot Sauce and the Dry Spice Blend (not pictured)-captures the savory 'heat' flavors dished out by Haitian immigrants, FYI-a little goes a long way-one teaspoon can enliven an entire dish. Authentic ingredients-vegan too-with super fresh  balanced blend of vinegar, cabbage, carrots, habanero peppers, shallots and salt that we think goes well adding sizzle to any dishes-from AM scrambled eggs to heartier protein entrees, snacks (like fresh popcorn) or summertime staples - veggies/fruits-grilled corn, zucchini, peaches or tomatoes. Now available at several farmer's markets and online-each jar is numbered to ensure traceability. No wonder consumers are embracing small food entities vs the giants.
Not just those NIKE Nigerian World Cup jerseys that garner massive fan base-these sauces-by NYC incubator nurtured (HBK Incubates/ Hot Bread Kitchen)- EGUNSIFoods-also herald that country. The founder-Yemisi Awosan -also makes soups-some of them pictured below...and cakes...available by online and at NYC -NJ Fairways, Harlem Whole Foods, etc. We dabbed a taste of the Red Pepper Sauce aka Ata Din Din-nice peppery heat-with clean ingredients. Factoid-Egusi is a protein rich melon seed-and also one of the soup flavors, available.

EgusiFood Soups-well reviewed (NY Times)

HAPI African Gourmet Creamy Peanut Sauce-founder, Cameroon born Paulette Nagachoko-is a grad of FoodBiz101 in the  Commonwealth Kitchen incubator program. Creamy peanut flavor-with spice punch-plus garlic-this is ready to eat-straight out of the glass jar-over bread, rice....imo-even some kind of pasta noodles (like tasty tasty sesame/peanut noodles we grew up inhaling)...with chopped up scallions, and other crisp steamed veggies/tofu.