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Fancy Food Trends: Healthier -Functional Teas

Functional tea blends -with or without  some sweetener help-appeal to the whole wellness lifestyle-that dominates today's lifestyles.

Tea Blends+Healthier Sodas

Argentina's staple-Yerba Maté-superfood -liquid style-has a smoky green tea flavor = made from the dry leaves of  an evergreen holly-a native South American plant. Mild or strongly brewed----the taste for non believers benefits from a  bit of honey. It's naturally loaded with antioxidants and has a bit more caffeine than regular black tea (85 mg-caffeine/8 ounces) but less than coffee. Plus-it has some of the perk benefits of dark chocolate too-with theobromine + theophylline. Can be prepared in several ways-like in a french press coffee pot as well as the traditional gourd.   

Palais de Thés-from France...launched blended 'Detox' teas inspired by 5 regions of the world---like the USDA Organic Brazilian-ENERGY -with green tea, maté  ---anti-oxidant açaí and perk up guarana-an ingredient found in a lot of energy drinks.
Stash Tea-Organic Moringa Mint-one of many choices- devoted to better for you brew blends...with a mellow minty taste,

SOFI winner -new product in hot beverage - the winner Tumeric Spice Herbal Tea with anti-inflammatory- turmeric, cardamon, black pepper (enhances curcumin) and cloves. Vahdam teas directly source their tea leaves for absolute freshness-you can taste! There are many other blends too-both black, green + herbal.
Twinings-a super market staple-launched new blends for its themed herbal collections Unwind (passionflower, chamomile with spiced apple +vanilla)-and...Support,  Renew,  and Soothe .

LemonKind -rtd canned teas-themed flavors aimed at detoxing your life. Choices include lightly sweetened (monk fruit+organic wildflower honey)  Bliss (mango, turmeric,  green tea-with a bit of caffeine), Freedom (tangy aronia berries,  hibiscus flower tea) and Unity (ginger peppermint, Japanese matcha tea-small caffeine pop). Interesting. Non-gmo, kosher, and gluten free.

BOS rte cans---Rooibos is super popular in South Africa- and BOS sources there from the Cederberg mountain range. Taste wise-it's a naturally sweet-vanilla-y, mellow caffeine free tea that even non tea drinkers might like. Rooibos-like other teas- have health pluses -including antioxidants, electrolytes and essential minerals. BOS comes in five flavors-70 calories each-sweetened with organic cane sugar. (Lemon, Green Rooibos+Yuzu, Peach, Berry, and Lime+Ginger).