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Fancy Food Show:Trends-Sneaky Veggies

Part 3
Moringa + Cauliflower + Broccoli (Oh MY)

Carb less alternatives, sneaky veggies invade the grain/potato space.
Green Giant goes back to the future with mascot Little Green Sprout-for its soon to be intro-ed USDA Organic assortment of veggie dishes-that sub as tasty alternatives-and lower in calories-than carb-cal loaded pastas, mashed potatoes..etc. Handy-just heat and serve! For now-freezer section stocks Green Giant's veggie spirals...pasta alternatives made from assortment nutrient dense vegetables.
AvoLuv's avocado chips come in four flavors-pictured above-these stackable chips-are made from HASS Avocados, tapioca flour and pink Himalayan Salt-that's it! Gluten + sugar +soy free, vegan, and  free from 8 major allergens-has a crunchy texture and def creamy avocado taste. Tasty--- these...1.5 oz=185 calories -w/ those healthy fats of superfood avocados.

From The Ground Up crackers-are cute sized-like those goldfish....gluten free, Non-GMO
From The Ground Up Cauliflower Pretzels w/ sea salt-are crunchy and shaped like regular ole' but there is a subtle but noticeable-veggie taste to these vs that bar staple snack. Made with cassava and cauliflower flour as top ingredients. IMO-that veggie undertone will not be noticeable if one dips pretzels in mustard prior to devouring -like we do. Each serving has 110 calories-and 10% of daily vitamin needs (a bunch=probably from the vegetable blend powder listed in the ingredients) and 3 grams of dietary fiber.

This exhibitor space was packed when we cruised by...CAULIPOWER flour-in RTE pizzas and Paleo friendly and 'regular' baking mixes that replace flour in any recipe, cup for cup. The mission-- to re-jig America's craving of comfort food with better for you versions of carbs. Dried cauliflower-is the lead ingredient -with almond + cassava+ tapioca flours in Paleo samples-brown rice and rice, sorghum+quinoa flours-in the 'reg' products. Kosher and slightly lesss in calories-plus real deal vitamin C per serving.  

Paleo friendly----CAULIPOWER baking mix

From a Brit collective of farmers...Growers Garden Broccoli Crisps impressively have real deal broccoli as the main ingredient....vegan+gluten free. Rapeseed oil, potato starch + flakes, salt, spinach powder and vegetable oil-round out the ingredient list-of these crispy-buttery healthy snack-higher in fiber less calories/serving than the typical chip. Very cool-we expect to see these on this side of the POND.
Rhythm SuperFoods-introduced naturally sweet crunchy USDA Organic Carrot Sticks-made similar to there devour able kale chips and beet chips.  Naturally lower than calories of potato chip/sticks-plus with more potassium, fiber and Vitamin A because the carrots are dried not fried. These are great...our preference is for the sea salt-certified gluten free-vegan, Kosher and Non-Gmo.