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FANCY FOOD SHOW '18 Trends -Next Year was really the Fancy Food Show-but there were enough screens-massive and minute-live broadcasting the World Cup-it was also an ideal viewing setting-complete with a huge international turn-out-cheering on the drama...

Some new trends we expect to see more of NEXT YEAR!

Nói Síríus  Icelandic Chocolate-from the new 'it' tourist destination and soccer powerhouse.

there's plenty of SMOKED BBQ sauces, chips, and spice blends out there-but we're seeing that earthy flavor pop up in other edible spots...Minerva Smoked Amish Roll Butter
SMOKED Sea Salt-by Maldon
FIGS as feast
we wrote up the USA based award winning Date Lady dessert sauces from last year's Figs taking center stage -Hellenic Fig Salamis
NOTE-dried pressed figs/dates with almonds or chocolate - already a Spanish/Greek/Mediterranean staple-widely available here- already in round wheel shapes (whole/half/quarter). 
Fresh figs-always on trend-this selection of dried/fresh-from central California-delicious variety to eat solo-chewy fruity texture-sweet enough for die hard sweet booths-but ya know-loads healthier than candy-is an understatement.

GREEN TEA flavor (full)

Green tea and matcha are 'it' ingredients in smoothies and frozen treats (ice cream, non-dairy ices)...but now are showing up in indulgent sweets and desserts with no claim of health benefits---but there for its "Asian" taste.
Made in Japan-Puchao Uji Matcha candy-remind us of Hi-Chews-with addictive  chewiness...perfect sweet -match flavor balance.
Radishes are staple eat at French bars-alongside a shaker of salt-but don't seem to get as much love,  here. Why this Paul's Perky Producs-Radical Radish Poppers...caught our eye. 
Richardson Brands edible rock candy---in an instagrammable layered cake

  Photo-worthy...layered 'cakes'