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Better For You Snacks/Fancy Food Show '18

Snacks- (or dessert additions)-the new 'energy bars' are better than inhaling the typical packaged cookies when the mood strikes for tempting tasty treats.
Part One

Reasons-real deal fiber, organic and/or 'functional' ingredients,  cleaner labels...and allergy free choices.

Nothin' But!™ gets to the point on their label..."HACK YOUR SNACK" Quick Fix Bar-and thereby gets it...imo. These  chewy crunchy texture blends of gluten-free, Non-GMO fun...Adult choices include  chocolate -coconut-almond with gluten free oats and real deal chocolate chunks, honey, coconut, cinnamon +espresso powder,  tangy sweet cherry-cranberry-almond with gluten-free oats and dried cherries/cranberries, pumpkin seeds +vanilla,  and our fav -spice-citrus blend of ginger with lemon oil,  cashews with  honey sweet-sunflower seeds . (Not pictured peanut butter+chocolate chunk). No fillers are artificial ingredients. Widely available-online too.
We wrote about health benefits of Moringa 'super' seeds/powder/flour from last year's show---as it's naturally blessed with calcium, iron, vitamins+minerals like zinc,  is a complete protein-and is really- more of a green superfood than Kale.  Bonus points to KULI KULI-because this company-co-founded by a former Peace Corps worker who discovered the nutritious moringa tea overseas... is Fair Trade certified-sources its supply of drought tough moringa via collaborative initiatives in Haiti. ADDED PLUS- organic ingredients are abundant in their 3 bar flavors that are vegan+gluten free. THE bottom line though-they are delicious-just sweet enough (ones we tried)...with the right balance of chewy texture ...moist and satisfying=the sampled rich dark chocolate (with cocoa butter, vanilla, almonds, + dates) and black cherry (cherries, almonds, dates) AND also of course-have moringa. $2.99. 180-200 calories.
Also available in crunchy almond.
BTW-we know moringa will become more common to these shores   when Auto-Correct stops switching this superfood to 'mooring.'