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Protein On The Go...

The long endurance athlete must is getting enough grams of protein (often a challenge for vegans)- especially-after a multi-hour workout when laziness/fatigue to cook (and clean) set in...and those collegiate dinners of cereal-just don't work, anymore for the fuel is food lifestyle.

Tour de France road hazard

Our Go To Solution: A pea (plus+) protein powder...that's yummy is SNEAKZ-in all all flavors too-that unlike a lot of other brands...has NO chalky/pasty taste and is USDA Organic! Priced at $21 for 340g bag as pictured....considerably less than our prior fav-that got bought up by Nestle's and got a 30% more expensive.

Sure-SNEAKZ  may be marketed/packaged for pint sized humans...serving up essential veggie blends+ probiotic nutrients (also)...but for us-way past our school days- it's a life buoy for recovery replenishments after exercising ...AND especially on the road-for a healthy-and satisfyingly sweet, pre-race meals. 

Bonus-resealable bags insure shelf stable freshness-and Sneakz mixes up smoothly with liquid-no blender needed. 
Fav way to eat- putting 3-4 scoops in a cup, mix a bit a water for a paste like consistency...and scooping up as a protein laden dessert dip for solid hydrating fruits (apples, grapes, berries, pineapple)...or salty pretzel sticks.