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Tasty LunchBox Snacks

Life on the go...
Better for all aged humans, nutritious single serve lunch box snack options...come in savory global flavors or sweet tooth satisfying high protein options.

Solid crunchy, chewy textures or fluids...

vegan options-plant derived high protein is a trending eat/drink that's better for the planet (too). Tasty options from SAFFRON ROAD-include snack sizes of their crunchy roasted non-GMO chickpeas-in assorted flavors like sea salt or hot tinged in their savory Bombay Spice. Bar food re-defined, imo. SNEAKZ organic-sneaks in veggie servings plus protein in their USDA Organic- shelf stable 'milk'shakes that are dairy free. Sweet too-perfect adult post work out sip-plus retro -lovers-it kinda reminds us of Nestle's  Quik. From Bolton Farms- a line of sweet plant based protein drinks recently launched...USDA Organic-almond milk based -non-GMO-these keep cold options deliver 12 grams of protein/9grams of sugar/150-160 calories.

Before we devoured our sample of 1915 organic protein chocolate, authentic vanilla and yay-perky coffee flavor choices.

Individually wrapped-grab+go cheese sticks-are made from real deal real cheese  -naturally loaded with protein/calcium...
nutty smooth-Jarlsberg cheese-naturally lactose and gluten free, 70 calories per-cows from Norway provide fresh non-GMO milk for this wide pleaser of a cheese. 
Finlandia-Gouda cheese snacks-2 other cheese options-blends of  of Gouda/Parmesan and Cheddar/Gruyere=all are free of artificial hormones, non-GMO, 80 calories a day.
Eggland's Best-2 count- medium sized RTE hard boiled eggs...are the ideal snack size. Widely available-(also in 6-10 counts and in organic peeled too)-this is so much easier-than boiling/peeling one's own. Eggs are loaded with eye helping lutein, B2, B5, Riboflavin and E vitamins, Omega protein.