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Another horrid story-a few days back... (another!!!!!) malnourished whale dying because it mistook ocean plastic as food-underscoring a world wide crisis that 18 billion pounds of plastic waste is dumped in the ocean, annually.
It might seem a bit 'off' to highlight a commercial enterprise  -but it's also a big deal too-and in turn...helps create an eco awareness-when the popular global brand-ADIDAS - expands its well selling collab with PARLEY for the Oceans.
Terrex Parley CC Voyager -sock like fit, Stealth® rubber outsole for grip, midsole sidewall- drainage and comfort level-is amazing-EVA footbed and TPU toe bump for protection. Overlays keep the foot stable. 

For Fall -ADIDAS Outdoor...more Terrex footwear styles and outdoor apparel ...made with yarn -textile-from plastic trash-retrieved from the ocean (Parley Ocean Plastic™)---were recently previewed.

FOR NOW...there a several summer ready super comfy -form fitting-woven upper sneakers -lifestyle-water/boat shoes and some summery tops/bottoms - available for men's and women's.

Terrex CC Boat Parley $90 slip-on potential-sweet breathable woven upper knit, drainage outsoles, and comfort built in...feather weight too! Ideal travel shoe-for the beach and the city

our fav spring kicks-easy-Terrex Climacool Voyager Sleek Parley Shoes/W

iconic Adidas logo and three stripe signature  design detail...80's retro and so right now ((too)...