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Flag On-Socks That Rock the RWB

Flaunt these  for July 4th fireworks-stars and stripes socks made by two brands known for their durability...

Awesome-  5.11’s Sock & Awe American Flag Crew socks limited edition design emblazoned on SlipStream crew socks-w/ breathable upper+polyester construction-risks moisture away and keeps feet dry, reinforced heel, NanoGlide® fiber. Pictured with the same priced- Sock & Awe Liberty crew...which goes with everything-including all black-or denim,

DARN TOUGH-a Vermont company that knits its own and guarantees its socks for wear-ever...waves the stars and stripes with these  Micro Crew Ultra Light $19. A fav-these slightly lower than crew-still peak out of hikers...and with great no slip fit and lightweight feel-multi-task for biking and running too. Made of a soft skin feel- nylon-merino wool-blend with 5% Lycra Spandex-these socks are naturally breathable, fast wicking, anti-microbial, with Darn Tough's True Seamless™ construction-aka undetectable seams -so flat-they are barely there-and def don't feel them. Keepers for sure. Widely available-online too.