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Sit-down 3 meals daily-gives way to more bite times of smaller eats. Life on the go doesn't mean less nutritious though...whether fresh or frozen, meal worthy snacks are substantial and healthy clean now. Convenient too.
THE easiest substantial snack for a sit-down moment=a pairing of locally sourced- fresh baked bread+cheese-typical of our daily meal enjoyed while traveling abroad on a budget. Cheese loving nations in Europe---started it all...but now terrific options worldwide, just about-either with dairy based cheese or tasty regional dips like hummus (both protein loaded).

Sweet nutty Norwegian Jarlsberg + chewy fresh dough bread or flavored crisps-like crackers or savory flatbreads-easy does it crowd pleasers. Just add a beverage-and some fresh fruit=insta meal.
Indoors? A practical posh set-up courtesy of beautiful and inexpensive Royal Doulton housewares-china-as seen at their showroom...breadsticks, fresh figs and olives  look even more inviting- delicious, imo. Our fav coffee mug-in fact is from the widely available -sturdy Ellen Degeneres collection!
French Compté -most popular cheese in France-is mild-is and creamy- but distinctly flavored cheese (subtle nuances-depends on aging etc)- that goes well with a lot of different breads, crisps-and wines.

On The bars are flavorful bites- chewy textures and fiber-loaded- just one is enough to quell hunger pangs w/o making us need a nap.

Prebiotics-feed probiotics n the gut...and yummy-those essentials are  in MicroBiome Bars aplenty-as  is heart healthy Omega 3s-from flax seed, plus 6 grams of protein---and some other nutrients -vitamin V, iron, potassium..,
 As the picture shows-sunflower or chia seeds   are packed into two fruity flavors-Nutty Cranberry (with peanut butter) and Raz Apple Almond (with oats+honey), respectively. Even we were surprised how good these are-way better than other fiber loaded energy bars-with great chewy moist texture. Fig Newton slayers, for sure. 
Layered USDA Organic Honey Stinger snack bars  are crispy chewy -and satisfyingly filling enough---in a good way vs their addictive waffle crisps that we could easily inhale four in a row (pictured below-w/the cat that hearts them too). Impressive-the interplay of chewy peanut butter, honey and light as air crispy multi-grain crackers (cookie like-with a tad of sea salt)...encapsulated in milk chocolate. Two other flavors two...almond butter+dark chocolate and cashew butter and dark chocolate. 10 grams-protein/200 calories.

FROZEN FOODS are getting a re-fresh lifeline-courtesy of millennial demands for nutritious options...that are effortless, just heat 'em up- eats
SAFFRON ROAD World Cuisine entrees...perfectly delivers pre-made-frozen entree/snacks (260-280 calories) that are portioned protein/vegetable/grain flavorful mini meal options-with clean ingredients -and seasoned with just enough spices as to enhance-not overwhelm.

SAFFRON ROAD - The flaky moist Sesame Ginger Salmon with crispy crunchy -tasty and clearly popular for good reasons! Microwave-able-this triumvirate meal of moist fresh caught salmon, julienne red deal carrots, sweet peas+white rice in fragrant sesame ginger sauce (just enough) - heat and enjoy. 

SAFFRON ROAD -HAS CHOICES-no hormones, antibiotics, wild fresh caught fish, non-GMO-meat, chicken and vegan options. We found these all at a local Whole Foods...but have noticed other grocery stores' frozen foods sections now have few selections.