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SPICED Up-Subtle to Bold Best Bets


Tastebuds Kitchen, a spacious (very-by NYC standards)-restaurant worthy event space/school- was SRO packed---by the cooking inclined last week.
Homemade-blend your own India spice Garam Masala w/ 11 SPICE ISLANDS-or buy ready version

Savory samples of appetizers- entrees-desserts- enhanced with a few- deeply flavorful and fresh SPICE ISLANDS spices-are mouthfuls of world global cuisines made with simple, quality ingredients livened up authentic flavors from far flung locales. POPULAR!

POACHED PEARS w/ Spiced Islands Saigon an interview we had with Martha Stewart-she recommended  poached pairs as the non-toxic (healthy) way to add welcoming scent one's home
Saigon Cinnamon is one of the most versatile spices available-just a dash in whipped cream-or in morning coffee-.adds subtle flavor 
took a lot of self-control not to slice this one up...Anise Pear+Coconut Crostada
 Demos, tastings and hands on practice making choice aromatic dishes by food person par excellence-Tara Bench=YUMMY HIGHLIGHTS. In answer to our ?s- about which spice she is keen to sizzle up on 'Szechuan Peppercorns" -and one might shy away from: 'NONE.'


Other Takeaways...

Our experience-millennials and Gen Z love to cook and know how to better use a variety of ingredients that were once considered exotic-and now are  mainstream tasty....every single person still under their fourth decade- just about- that we ever met-knows how to make a meal. Another terrific trend 'label' for those born while Nirvanna Nevermind-had us shrugging/bumping shoulders.

Taking the time to craft food-experiences is something sharing groups can enjoy-as celebration or fun and nutritious way to every day de-stress, seduce or fuel.

We chatted with Spice Island rep-about the company's global sourcing outreach +its sustainability practices ...  weather conditions impacting key areas...importance of glass bottles maintaining high integrity of spices-which if stored cool -dry-dark spot-have shelf lives of 3-5 years.