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Get Hauling...5.11® Tactec Plate Carrier CrossFit® Edition

Part 2: Van Life Essentials-Staying Fit the minimalist way
Crossfit enthused-or power walk helper-weighted vests (plate carriers) are handy and lightweight, great additions for at home or living' the van life-fitness equipment- you can hang on a hook-or shove under a car seat.
Top Pick: 5.11® Tactec Plate Carrier CF 18-Crossfit® edition $229

5.11-sponsors CrossFit-a branded exercise regiment-incorporating high intensity intervals-strength/conditioning/aerobic with oomph-for newbies to hard core pros-that reminds us of what our military pals did to keep in shape while deployed. Equipment needed? A few essentials include this weighted vest --that needs to fit comfortably...and does- via adjustable options (waist+tensional bands), distributes the weight evenly (back yoke shoulder pads), is tough-made of abrasion resistant 500D nylon w/ Duraflex® hardwear-has air vents-for circulation-a web id loop, and is easy on/off w/ one hand release. The vest ensures an endorphin inducing workout as it accommodates Rogue® M+W's Waist Vest Plates. Color options too!