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Eye candy, convenience and speed-three attributes in supply -for the new Specialized S-7 Works cycling shoes-tricked out with the only available here (for now) BOA S-3 Snap dials.

No popping out/pushing in those life guaranteed dials for on/off access of these super lightweight, stiffest-FACT Powerline™ carbon plate that maximizes power transfer...with no stretch zone  in key areas, Form Fit last-roomy toe box, 3 bolt cleat pattern that handles all road pedals and heel cradling-coddling for fit.
we were dazzled by these new Boa S-3 Snap details-rotate to and fro for easy access on/off.-on the fly, micro-fit adjustment. $400 for men's +women's Specialized S-7 Works cycling shoe weighs in around 7.9 ounces/shoe

Color options including a flashy (Peter) Sagan limited edition black cycling shoe with gold Boa dials $425.