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Skincare Trends...

The most recent NYC IBS tradeshow for spa professionals highlighted non-invasive skincare trends.
For at home users-the  proliferation of FDA approved beauty tools available...and salon only brands-being sold on Amazon or direct to consumer also lined the aisles...

CRYO FACIAL SYSTEM-Cryotherapy's deep freeze anti-inflammatory benefits-are now available for the face/neck only-and is very tolerable.  Liquid nitrogen vapors (-130º) targets the area--supposedly increases blood flow, reduces pore size, reduces inflammation+puffiness, reduces dark spots-and- this def makes sense to us-might sooth dermatitis, eczema patches. 

NuFace microcurrency skin toning devices...come in facial hand tool sizes-and now delivers in larger body size aka NÜBODY $399 that cannot be used on the face, apparently. FYI a must is the gel too...and daily dedicated applications -to lift/tone targeted spots for the first few months. It is FDA approved  but we would say-one has to keep at it-on maintenance schedule purportedly 2 to 3 times a week-to 'keep up' the benefits.
ELEVARE Skin red LED infrared,  non-invasive, non-laser facial rejuvenation hand held device (pictured the Elevate Plus model)-imparts a warm pleasant sensation-purportedly stimulates collagen, reduces fine line+wrinkles, and helps eliminates skin discoloration. Thermal activity is safe for all skin types-and the benefits of increasing blood circulation-visibly helps increase collagen in dermis. 

CELLUMA's light therapy-LED light products include this all in one light therapy device- shield-can place over any part of your body or face...emits lightwaves trigger responses- blue (fights acne), green (muscle pain relief, anti-inflammation stiffness+joint pain) or anti-aging red LED light.

IMAGE Skincare "Age Later"-sold in salons and online...has several groups of targeted skincare products. The Vital C bunch-is best-selling -infused with high levels of skin brightening vitamin C-good for sun damaged faces, back of hands+décolleté.

Pretty cool-crystal gem infused waters....