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     Part 2

                                                              SUMMER SIPS:
ROSÉ Season!!!

Portugal is poppin'-as a second hone+vacay destination...and earning a great rep for its wine in addition to its signature cork that goes on top...

Grape composition 25% Saborinho, 25% Agronomica, 25% Aragones, 25% Touriga Nacional. Sustainably grown tiny plots (2 to 6 bush trained vines per square) planted in 1991 in volcanic soil at sea level. 12.5% alcohol...around $25 bottle
Sips of the mineral-delicately black peppery- acidic Rosé Vulcânico-courtesy of the deep volcanic black basalt soil of the Portuguese archipelago -AZORES (Pico island)...conjures up summer breezes, long sunny days at the beach, sunlight outdoor deck parties. Easy to drink (and now)...this thirst quenching wine pairs particularly well with salty snacks, Asian eats, grilled veggies +fresh fish/seafood.