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New Products That Help Celebrate Snowmelts, Uncovered Grills,  Aromatic BBQ Al Fresco, and Backyard Fun...

Part 1: The Eats

Upgraded Condiments:

FYI -fair warning-one tablespoon of ANY Traina ketchup -rich savory offerings -courtesy of 3lbs of tomatoes-in each bottle (!!!!)-will have you ditch those mass market- really red bottles-straight into recycling.

It's almost like a re-invented condiment staple.

Sun Dried tomatoes part of the ingredient equation adds a true mouthful of palate pleasing deep tomato oomph without icky sweet cloying taste.  There are now several TRAINA ketchup choices-including kosher, gluten-free USDA Organic Sun Dried Tomato (with hints of onion/garlic), the peppery hot Sriracha and the new Sicilian flavor-with fennel, garlic and Italian herbs hits. No artificial colors, preservatives or corn syrup-ever. A trio of Traina-a great house gift vs the typical six pack...

Traina is family company that oversees its own orchards/vines-so all of its food products have built in quality control from the get go.
Their tomato crops are deftly deployed into very taste friendly-but make no mistake about it- sophisticated authentic blends of ketchup that can even elevate the plain ole- backyard basic a gourmet experience.

These Traina selections- dress up a slew of the usuals-but can also elevate foods maybe not typically ketchup adorned...cottage cheese, salads, and particularly the new spiced up Sicilian flavored one-mixed in with pasta, atop grilled or steamed fish, swirled in Texas style BBQ sauces---and even that brunch staple- Bloody Mary's.
Widely available. $3.99

Elevate Southern BBQ Sauces/Marinades:

For outdoor deck chefs-honey is a key flavorful ingredient that makes up Southern style  BBQ sauces/marinades and slow cooking dishes. No surprise, the quality of it-makes a huge difference in tangy crispy deliciousness of whatever item the sauce is slathered on-from grilled meats-to vegetables.

Wedderspoon Honey-requires just one pinky dip taste -to make one wonder what's in the regular honey stuff that's commonly found on grocery shelves. A big difference.

WEDDERSPOON RawManuaka Honey KFACTOR 16-comes courtesy of bees that pollinate the native New Zealand manuka bush-AND -is guaranteed non-GMO, sustainably sourced-  and  notably-75% of the pollen in their honey contains pollen grains that are specific to the Manuka flower.  Hence the distinctively warm sweet taste-that's easily a worthy replacement for sugar in a lot of recipes-including sauces, dressings and cocktails honey naturally loaded with medicinal properties. WIN WIN.
Widely available.

Who doesn't love the creamy gooey addition of melted cheese on-a burger or grilled cheese actually made on a grill?
Ditch the processed amalgamation and opt for the pure indulgent sweet nutty taste of affordable gourmet  Jarlsberg cheese-made in Norway-from grass fed daily cows.
hefty is sold in wedges...widely available

Jarlsberg, plain or smoked=insta-appetizer + healthy snack. IMO-way more flavor and just as crowd palate pleasing as typical swiss cheese-kinda resembles in this pic. 
To serve-just slice it up-easy choice for time pressed types. Watch it disappear- like the above...swoon worthy bites offered...picture taken at a recent digital launch campaign... inviting Times Sq passerby-ers- to try a free bite.